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How to Survive the Humidity in Gainesville

How to Survive the Humidity in Gainesville

It seems like winter and spring switched places overnight. While the rest of the country is covered in snow, Florida said “no more cold nights for ya’ll.” Of course, now that there is no longer cold mornings to keep us in bed and cold nights to have us ordering pizza in, spring has risen. And it’s brought all the pollen and humidity back to wreak havoc on our lives. Realistically though, we can’t skip class because we’re having a bad hair day…That’s where I come in. Keep reading for tips on how to survive the humidity, especially in Gainesville, Florida.

1. Take your shower at night!

One of my least favorite things about spring is how humid and muggy the weather can be. It’s not just a clear, blue sky everyday like the movies portray. It’s raining one day and the next day you walk out the door, your hair frizzes up and the lotion you just put on is literally melting off your body. By showering at night, not only are you cleansing your soul from all of life’s anxiety and modern inconveniences, you are cleansing away frizzy hair and a slippery lotion mess.

2. Invest in Flonase/and or allergy medicine.

I’ve been allergic to many things for my entire life. Yeast, coconut, cats, you name it, but when I moved to Gainesville, it was a whole new world. Gainesville is not just full of pollen, it also has wind coming in from east and west which can be full of debris and dirt that we don’t even notice with the naked eye. Did I mention that everyone is also coming off of their winter colds? GERMS EVERYWHERE. If you invest in allergy medicine, you prevent yourself from losing a day’s worth of work and are ready for any potential threats that could have you sneezing and itchy for a while.


**Also, if you think that you aren’t allergic to anything, think again. Pollen affects anyone, even if you sneeze every once in a while. Animals tend to get more fleas and ticks around spring time too, which can produce allergies even for those who think they don’t have any.

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3. Keep travel-sized bug spray handy.

This will be your best friend. Humidity attracts insects to look for bait. I am not a fan of mosquito bites and not just because they look gross, it is the most awful thing to overcome- you can’t help but itch! If you keep a travel-size off! with you, you will no longer have to deal with itchy bites or have to inconspicuously scratch your back with a nearby wall. It may seem ridiculous now, but you’ll thank me later. It also comes in “scent-free” versions so if you don’t have to worry about telling people the scent is a new perfume you just found.

How do you survive the humidity? Comment below with any tips and share this article with a friends!
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