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6 Survival Tips For Graduation Day

6 Survival Tips For Graduation Day

6 Survival Tips For Graduation Day

Graduation day from college is like a holiday all on its own. All that hard work has -finally- paid off and it is time be a real, full-grown adult. It may sound a bit terrifying. Well, let’s face it, it -is- terrifying. Parents and family can be so overwhelming, moving off campus is scary, and heading off into the world to be a productive member of society is a big deal along with all the in-between stuff people tend to overlook. Here are 6 tips from us to you to help you survive graduation day.

1. Dress Comfortably

We cannot stress this first tip enough. Most, if not all, graduates -always- overlook this tip and it just adds to the already piled up stress that comes with graduation day. Men and women have to dress comfortably. These ceremonies are long, much longer than a high school graduation. Yes, it’s important to look good and professional for the big day. Just remember, you are going to be on those feet until the end of the party in the wee hours of the next morning. If you don’t believe us, wear those super high heels and wicked uncomfortable dress shoes, but we promise you will regret it. Another way to keep the looks in check without risking a painful day is to bring extra clothes with you for after the ceremony. That way mom and dad cannot yell at you for under-dressing and by the time that 4th beer kicks in, those extra flip flops you packed will really come in handy.

6 Survival Tips To Survive Graduation Day

2. Plan Out Your Day

Another seemingly useless tip, but one of the biggest keys to smooth sailing. Graduation day is a day for celebrating which calls for lots of picture-taking, spending time with family, friends, and the classmates you might never see again. Oh, and don’t forget those three parties you promised you would be at tonight! This is why we definitely advise you dedicate specific times to all your commitments on this day. It is so much easier than rushing around trying to please everyone and just waring yourself out.

6 Survival Tips For Graduation Day

3. Bring An Extra Phone Charger

How many times have you forgotten to charge your phone the night before a big day and were left totally screwed with a dead battery? Yeah, it’s happened to us a few times and it is no fun. Even if you are sitting there thinking you will remember to completely charge your phone the night before, it’s going to be such a busy day with tons of pictures and videos. We highly recommend you bring at least one extra charger, maybe even two if you are prone to bad luck. If that battery goes dead in the middle of house or party-hopping it is just all downhill from there. We know it and you know it, so why take the risk?

4. Go To Bed Early The Night Before

Who cares how lame it sounds? Sure, there might be a couple of ragers the night before graduation day, everyone’s excited! However, it is crucial that you wake up on time and well-rested. Even if you are one of those people that can seem to run on no sleep, we recommend once again that you do not take the risk. What happens if you have a little too much to drink? What happens if you forget to set the alarm? You definitely do not want to be that person that is either late to graduation, shows up looking like a hot mess, or both. That would not be a good lasting impression on your big day. Plus, drinking too much the night before might ruin the fun on the big day!

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6 Survival Tips For Graduation Day

5. Put Mom And Dad First

We know you can’t wait to get out and party. You earned it. Two, four, maybe six years all leads up to this and you just want to let loose! We don’t blame you one bit. Just remember the people that helped you get there. Mom and dad. If you’re lucky enough to have them both at your graduation day to love and support you, show your love back. They are so proud of you and how far you have come and they just want to spend some time with their baby before you go off into the world to be a real adult. Graduation day is -very- emotional for parents and families, so beware! Be prepared for a lot of feelings, hugs, and pictures. Giving them the time for this will make them so happy and hopefully you too, and then there will be no reason for you to rush to leave them behind and there are no hard feelings! It’s just best for everyone. Besides, mom and dad rock!

6 Survival Tips For Graduation Day

6. Take A Deep Breath, You Did It!

The best tip we can give you to help you survive graduation day is to just breathe. Have fun. Remember that this is -your- day. You did it! You worked your butt off so long. All those late nights studying, all those panic attacks at mid-terms, all those parties you missed for the sake of making it to class the next day… it was all worth it. Like we said, graduation is a day of celebration, fun, family, friends, and most importantly FREEDOM!

Don’t stress yourself out by overthinking things, try not to freak out about how you look too much, and try to stay in the moment. This is a one time deal (usually) so take advantage of it. You earned it!

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