10 Surprisingly Real Kanye West Tweets To Inspire You

Kanye Omari West, American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer (at least Wikipedia says so), is one of the most influential people existing nowadays. Whether you hate him or love him, or something in between, that is something no one can’t denies. To be honest, you could actually divide the whole world in two sides: in favour of Kanye, or Kanye’s haterz, and everybody who knows him has a controversial opinion about him. He loves controversy, and so does the rest of his family (remember the surname Kardashian? Yeez…). Obviously, this is all because of an empire where he has been building his character and personae on. Whether you like him as an artist or fashion designer, or hate him to the core, I want to show you the greatest trait Kanye has: his tweets. Kanye’s twitter is probably the only thing I love about him but he has a thing with words, man! If you have a bad day, I suggest you read some of those… You may get sooo inspired (or at least you’ll laugh a little)! Here are Kanye west tweets to inspire you:

1. About the true character of people

Ouhhh! He really threw some fire there. Nothing but the truth. Pay attention to that. In a capitalist society such as the one we live in, people tend to always want something back. The ones who are nice to you when you can’t do anything for them are the ones worth fighting for.

2. Creativity is a priority.

Kanye west tweets with the great reminders! Never let anyone distract you from your creative process. Let yourself be open to it, do your job. Reap what you sow.

3. Be a giver.

Kanye west tweets with the great reminders part two! Remember to always stay thankful and be a giver. Do not let yourself fall into the illusion of the taker. Aspire to be better, do something for the world today.

4. Do not waste your time.

Remember that both Kanye and Beyoncé have the same 24 hours a day that you have. Are you going to create an empire as they did or are you going to keep doing nothing for your future self today? Get out of the bed and do something! Time never stops for anyone, do anything you can. You will never meet anyone who’s regretted doing so many things in his/her lifetime but you will meet many who regret not taking any step when they could.

5. Choose Your People Consciously

Simple rule we tend to forget very easily. Remember people come and go out of your life constantly. Do NOT stay around the ones who don’t make you feel great, who don’t inspire you to be better, who steal your light… Choose the ones who you grow as a person with after being around them. Choose consciously and see the difference it makes in your life and mood.

6. Dress to impress yourself.

I couldn’t have said it better. Love yourself, DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU! You should be the most important person in your life.

7. Respect.

One word to live by. Respect everyone and everybody. And respect your own process throughout life. The bad days are important too. Every second of your life will get you somewhere different.

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8.Character above reputation.

He knows what he’s talking about, huh. Reputation can easily become an obsession. Do not let it. “Have you heard sum?” Ummm nope. Listen to the voice within you, avoid the voice of others. You are the only one who truly knows you and your story, that’s the only thing that matters. Let people entertain themselves with your reputation while you keep on working on your character.

9. Sass is sometimes necessary.

You will feel like needing some sassy Kanye west tweets  to lift your mood up. Did someone bump you? Did someone hurt you because you were not what they wanted? We all have been there. Before you start crying, think about Kanye would do: not caring. NOT CARING. It’s always going to be their loss.

10. My favorite reminder to whoever is reading this.

And that’s a LOT! 🙂

Are there any kanye west tweets that you love or hate? Probably. Tell us about them in the comments below!

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