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Surprising Potential Finds While Thrifting

Surprising Potential Finds While Thrifting

The thrift stores are not for only those with low incomes or homeless anymore. Today thrift stores have stylish and name brand items for anyone and you can look like you stepped right out of Macy’s for pennies on the dollar! Perhaps because that’s where they come from!

Shopping for clothes no longer means emptying your wallet, you can get some amazing steals and for a good deal! Here are some surprising potential finds while thrifting!

Designer or Name Brand Items

The first thing that I was surprised to see were not only how many cool and unique pieces that I could fit into my wardrobe but that many of these items were name-brand items that I’ve totally heard of.


In the denim section, I was able to find brands such as Express, Aeropostale, and American Eagle. For shoes, I found Charlette Rouse, Nine West, Bebe, and even one from Shoe Dazzle. For purses, Coach, Betsy Johnson, and Louis Vuitton. For purses, I found one from Betsey Johnson and another from Louis Vuitton. Other brands I found included Loft, Gap, BeBe, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, The Limited, Tommy Hilfiger, white black house market, Express, and Guess.

It’s important to note that some thrift stores might charge a few dollars extra if you do find some items that are name brand, but probably only a few dollars extra than the other items.

Surprising Potential Finds While Thrifting


 Furniture and Decor

Since I am preparing to move out pretty soon, I was naturally drawn to the Home Decor section. Usually, when I think of a thrift store, I naturally think of clothing but I wasn’t until I took a good look around just how much furniture and decorations are often donated.

I thought to myself I was walked past the many end tables and desks, of how useful it would be to put any of those items in an office area, as well as a few chairs that I wouldn’t mind reupholstering.

I also saw a lot of picture frames, candles, lamps, dresser drawers, mirrors, baskets, and anything else you can think of…like an artificial palm tree….or what seemed like 1000 rows of Christmas ornaments….


There are a few items that I would not get under any circumstances, such as furniture that didn’t seem that sturdy or easy to fix, any dishes or utensils for obvious sanitary reasons, as well any mattresses or pillows.

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Surprising Potential Finds While Thrifting



When I say electronics, I don’t mean last year’s iPhone,  I’m talking about more of practical items like cooking appliances and tools or items you might find from the early 2000s, like cassette machines, cd, and DVD players.

A few things that I thought could be useful were slow cookers and other kitchen appliances. I even saw a few game controllers that I would have bought (if I was I was still playing video games). I even saw a cute little stirring popcorn machine.

However, even though many of these items came at an amazing discounted price, this was a section of the store that I felt like I wouldn’t want to come to on a regular basis, only because with used electronic items, it might not be easy to test out all of them to see if they work. I’m also highly skeptical of the idea that someone who gives an appliance away that still had great use it; needless to say I’ll be getting my stove at Home Depot.


Surprising Potential Finds While Thrifting

Tips Before You Thrift!

  • Don’t fall into the “But everything’s under 5 dollars!” trap. There’s no point in buying something if it only ends up sitting in your drawer. Always have an idea of what you’re looking for before you shop, not only will this save money but it may also help to save a bit of time.
  • ALWAYS inspect your items before purchasing them. Check all clothing items for rips and tears. Make sure any furniture you buy is strong and sturdy. Definitely check to make sure that any electronic item actually works (thrifts stores often have plugs you can use).
  • If you really like something-KEEP IT! With thrift stores, there is only one of everything. If you decided to walk away from something, be aware that it might not be there if you come back.
  • Avoid buying items that can cause concern for sanitary reasons, such as underwear, swimsuits, hats, and socks. As well as mattresses and pillows.
  • Look for weekly deals! In Goodwill, they have a special “Color of The Week” sale. This means that if an item has a red tag, and the color of the week is red, then you immediately get that item for just half that price!

What are your thrifting tips? Tell us in the comments!

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