10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Red Wine

When consumed in moderation, red wine can have some absolutely amazing health benefits. From helping out your waistline to preventing colds, red wine seemingly does it all. If you are wondering what exactly that magical glass of wine is doing for you, check out these 10 surprising health benefits of red wine.

Surprising health benefits of wine!

1. Tackles free radicals.

Free radicals are everywhere, and they are not good for you. Some of the antioxidants in red wine help fight the damage caused from free radicals, which will boost your immune system.

2. May help you stay slim.

There is a compound in red wine call piceatannol that could actually block some fat cells from growing. This compound also messes with fat cells during the metabolic process, so it might actually be giving you a leg up in the weight loss department.

3. Manages diabetes.

Red wine can actually be incorporated into a diabetic diet plan due to its health benefits. It actually helps prevent the spike in blood pressure that happens to those with type 2 diabetes.

4. Lowers your cholesterol.

Red wine actually decreases bad cholesterol, which is great news for your heart! It is also really good news for your blood pressure, so all the more reason to grab a glass and de-stress.

Surprising health benefits of wine!

5. Keeps your brain sharp.

Reservatrol, which is found in red wine, can help keep your memory as sharp as a tack! So grab a Sudoku puzzle and a glass of wine if you are looking to flex your brains.

6. Gives your heart health a boost.

The antioxidants and active compounds found in wine can – in moderation – promote a healthy heart. They both do amazing things for your heart, such as regulate blood pressure, prevent stress, and even reduce inflammation.

7. Battle a cold.

One of the most amazing health benefits of red wine is that it can actually prevent you from getting a cold. The antioxidants in red wine will fight off infection and protect you from those nasty free radicals that are threatening to get you sick.

8. Could prevent cancer.

One glass of red wine a few times a week could possibly starve precancerous cells. As if you needed another reason to enjoy a glass after a long day!

Surprising health benefits of wine!

9. Could prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Research shows that incorporating red wine – when paired with a Mediterranean diet – could lower your likelihood to develop cognitive impairment by about 28%.

10. Better sleep quality.

Yes, that glass of red wine will make you a little sleepy. But it will also give you a better nights sleep! So next time you are in need of a little push to get some shuteye, try a glass of red wine.

What are some of your favorite health benefits of red wine? Tell us in the comments below!
These are the surprising health benefits of red wine that you need to know about
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