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15 Surprise Date Night Ideas Your Partner Will Love

15 Surprise Date Night Ideas Your Partner Will Love

Planning a day it’s one of a stressful things you can ever do. You may think you know what your partner wants to do for this surprise date, but at the same time you are worried about planning the best date. That is one of the reasons things go wrong on a surprise date. You were too worried about what could go wrong instead of worrying about what will go right on this surprise date. These worries don’t change with time, no matter how long you are with someone you will always worry about if this date is perfect. The key is research! You have to know what your partner likes to do and what their interest before planning your surprise date. This is in fact something that will change over time, if you don’t know their likes or interest then ask. This makes your job of planning a day less stressful. Luckily for you here is a list of 15 date ideas that your partner is sure to love.

1. Wine Tasting:

If you and your partner love wine this is the perfect surprise date for the two of you. Not only would you and your partner be able to taste delicious wines all day, but you could also leave with your own bottle of wine. Maybe even two bottles one for you and one for your partner.

wine tasting


2. Take Pictures Together:

Not many couples today take pictures together and I don’t mean selfie’s. I am talking about professional pictures! Having a professional photographer in a studio take pictures of them. This is the perfect idea for a surprise date, because your partner will not be expecting it. They may assume you mean that you want to take selfies together, when in reality you mean going and having your pictures taken by a professional. Those are more sentimental then a selfie!

3. Picnic:

A picnic is the classic surprise date! It always wins over your partner, it is spontaneous and romantic. The two most important details of any date. In any date you plan these are the things that your partner looks for. They want to know how much that was put into it, and of course they wanna know if it is considered romantic. However, no matter how much time you put into a date, being spontaneous is always a good thing!

Picnic Date


4. Sporting Event:

This surprise day is best for couples who enjoy sports. Yes, it is nice to receive tickets to your favorite sport as a gift from your partner. However, if you are not into that sport, you shouldn’t feel like you have to make a date of it. Now as for those couples who do enjoy sports together, this is one of the most thoughtful dates you could plan. Just make sure you both like the same team before planning this surprise date.

5. Mini Golf:

Mini golf is another classic surprise day. It is a fun spontaneous event that you and your partner could both enjoy. This date is all about having fun! There is no real communication involved in the date, you and your partner are basically egging each other on about who will win at the end of the game. Hopefully, neither one of you is too competitive! Just have fun.

Mini golf date


6. New Tradition:

This is the type of surprise date that will leave your partner speechless! This date has had a lot of thought put into it, and you end up making your partner feel special. Creating a new tradition together is one of the most romantic thing you could do for your partner. This date will surely make memories to share down the road.

7. Concert:

Going to a concert as a surprise date can be one of the best choices you make. With so many mental health issues, you never really know when your loved one needs some type of relief that you are unable to offer. Music is one of the best forms of medicine in that way. So taking them on a surprise date to see their favorite band live. Makes you their superhero.

Concert Suprise Date


8. Cooking Class:

Going to a cooking class is your planned surprise date for your partner, make sure it is you who can’t cook. You don’t want to accidentally offend your partner! Going to cooking classes as a date Is like a bonding experience. You learn new foods and do you have a chance to talk with your partner about themselves. Just hopefully you or your partner, doesn’t end up like Will Smith in the movie “Hitch”.

9. Boat Ride:

Going on a boat ride as a surprise date is something out of a fairytale. You will make your partner feel like a prince or princess with this date. Depending on your location, going on a boat ride as a date is always a good idea. Hopefully, you and your partner end up like the characters from the notebook instead of the titanic, fingers crossed!

Boat ride date


10. Nature Hike:

Going on a nature hike can be a great surprise date, if you and your partner enjoy the outdoors. This date allows you both to explore the world around you, while spending time together. Keep a lookout for each other‘s favorite woodland creature were going on a nature hike as your date.

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11. Pottery Class:

Pottery class is another well planned surprise date for your partner. Involving yourselves in this class gives you both a chance to make something sentimental. It is also a bonding experience between you and your partner. You’re both not only have fun and leave with a souvenir, but she will also leave with fond memories of learning pottery together.


Pottery Class Date

12. Comedy Club:

Tickle yours in your partners funny bones with this surprise date. Not only will you both be able to enjoy each other’s company, but she will also be able to experience other people‘s talents of comedy. Maybe you could also see if the comedy club offers an open mic night, if they do you and your partner could participate. Giving each of you a turn and trying to make the other laugh. This surprise date is great way to spend your night together.

13. Theater:

Movies are too overrated as a surprise date! If you wanted to be a true surprise date and take your partner to the actual theater. Where they can see the opera or plays put on by other people. Give them a taste of something they have never experienced before. That will make your surprise date even more special.


Theater date

14. Museum:

A lot of people enjoy going to museums. This surprise date is mainly for those who enjoy going to the museum and learning about the history contained there. Maybe you or your partner could make you have a relationship with history do you never had before. Just don’t trying to steal the Declaration of Independence like Nicolas Cage on this surprise date.

15. Relive Your First Date:

This is by far the most romantic surprise date you can plan for your partner. It is not only romantic but thoughtful as well. Doing this shows your partner how much you care about them and value them being a part of your life. It is also a good way to start a marriage proposal, but I am getting a little carried away


Relive first date


What is your idea of the perfect surprise date to take your significant other on? If you had to choose one from this list which would you chose?