Surprise Bae This Valentine’s Day And Escape To One Of These Romantic Destinations

Romantic destinations are always one of the first thoughts that come to mind when you want to take your significant other out for Valentine’s Day. And what’s better on this special day than giving your significant other a surprise trip? Check out these romantic destinations for your Valentine’s Day surprise.


Dublin, Ireland is known among most of the world for having beautiful scenery as well as being a great place to get a good drink.

One of the first things you can do while being here is going to the Saint Valentine shrine. There’s no better way of celebrating the romantic holiday than going to this shrine with your significant other and showing your respect to the saint responsible for the holiday in the first place.

After you visit the shrine, you can go to one of the many bars and pubs in Dublin and share the evening with your bae by drinking a good pint of Guinness. The Blind Pig is a great speakeasy to go to for a more romantic night.

If you’re more of a picnic type of couple, then you can go to Phoenix Park, Europe’s biggest enclosed park, and enjoy a nice romantic picnic with your honey. Make sure to bring a blanket to sit on and some wine of your choosing to celebrate your romance.

Surprise Bae This Valentine’s Day And Escape To One Of These Romantic Destinations


Of all the romantic destinations, Venice, Italy definitely is up there in the ranks as being the go-to city. It would definitely be a great surprise trip this Valentine’s Day for you and your significant other.

One of the romantic activities you can do is go on a gondola ride through the streets of Venice. They are plentiful and used to couples being lovey-dovey on their boats. Especially around the romantic holidays. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about steering the gondola at all since most of them are operated by professionals.

Once you are done on the gondolas, you can make your next destination be at a theater. Not a movie theater either, but an actual theater. There should be romantic plays being performed around this time of the year and many deals and packages going on to help couples like you celebrate this special day.

Not a fan of the theater but like music? You can choose to go to one of Venice’s opera houses and enjoy a romantic night there with your honey.

Surprise Bae This Valentine’s Day And Escape To One Of These Romantic Destinations


As far as romantic destinations go, Paris is the pinnacle of them all. After all, its nickname is the city of love. The ways to celebrate your love are endless here, but here are a few ideas.

You can begin, or end, your Valentine’s Day in Paris by kissing at the Eiffel Tower. It is the very symbol of Paris, France itself. There are several spots on the top of the tower, that are marked, where you can have the perfect kiss with the perfect view of the city right after.

After that, you can visit the Wall of Love. This big wall has the words “I love you” written about 311 times in many different languages found around the world. If you and your significant other speak more than one language, it would be a romantic time to find the words in your languages and say them out loud to each other.

Another place you can go to is on a tour of the Palace of Versailles. While you won’t be alone with your significant other, you can enjoy walking around the palace with them and admiring the gorgeous interior.

Surprise Bae This Valentine’s Day And Escape To One Of These Romantic Destinations

Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii

Does your idea of romantic destinations include an island, a beautiful beach, and turtles? Then you will want to check out the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii. It is located on the island of Oahu.

Here you can spend your evening taking in the beautiful island scenery on horseback rides with your significant other. Obviously on a trail following someone else who knows their way. You can stop at certain spots to get a great shot of the two of you on horses with the ocean and sunset in the background.

Are both of you stressed out about life recently? Then you can sign up for a couples massage where you are lying on beds next to each other while you each get your own massage.

You can end the surprise vacation with a helicopter tour of the island, which can take you to remote parts of the island you normally can’t reach and admire the beauty of the island from a bird’s eye view with your significant other.

Surprise Bae This Valentine’s Day And Escape To One Of These Romantic Destinations

Salamander Resort and Spa

Unlike the other romantic destinations, this one is more about the experience of the dinner experience. You can book for a special dinner service for the two of you when you reserve a room. This dinner includes a bottle of champagne and other such delicacies that you would normally reserve for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.

This resort also has other activities non-specific to Valentine’s Day including golf and spa treatments. So if you and your significant other are looking for those types of outings where you can be together, you should check out this resort and spa.

Surprise Bae This Valentine’s Day And Escape To One Of These Romantic Destinations

The Establishment in Syndey

This hotel is similar to the one above in that they focus on the dinner experience with some added features of luxury in the hotel room itself.

The dinner consists of great wine and a romantic atmosphere. The perfect time to dress up extra nice and feel like a million bucks for a night or two.

In the room, you have access to free Wifi as well as an Apple TV. What’s even better is that there is Netflix available in the room. So if local channels aren’t showing good TV shows or movies, you can always hop onto Netflix and enjoy the rest of the night together that way.

An added luxury is room service. If your dinner didn’t fill you up enough, or you feel like you need another bottle of champagne to spice things up a little, then you can call for some room service provided in the special you can sign up for when you book your room for the Valentine’s Day weekend.

Surprise Bae This Valentine’s Day And Escape To One Of These Romantic Destinations

Have you taken bae out for a special Valentine’s Day trip to any of these romantic destinations? Share your experience in the comments below!

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