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5 Sure Signs You’re Falling For Them Hard

5 Sure Signs You’re Falling For Them Hard

5 Sure Signs You’re Falling For Them Hard

Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” points out perfectly the signs you’re falling for them.

“There’s a boy I know, he’s the one I dream of

Looks into my eyes, takes me to the clouds above

Ooh I lose control, can’t seem to get enough

When I wake from dreaming, tell me is it really love…”

–Whitney Houston

Whitney asked and Cosmo answered.  Cosmopolitan Magazine says there are 25 signs you’re falling in love. Let’s talk about a few of them.

You Genuinely Love Their Cute AF Childhood Pictures

His fashion sense wasn’t always on point. I remember one night he kept sending me all of his old pictures. They were so funny. His baggy clothes and big hats definitely had me in a fit of laughter. Something about seeing his old pictures just made me so happy. I felt like I was getting to know him more and more. He started showing me pictures from his childhood about a year in but it felt new, exciting, and fun. He’s a closed off person so the fact that he let me see pictures from his adolescence made me feel special.

5 Sure Signs You’re Falling For Them Hard

You Would Rather Stay In and Do Absolutely Nothing With Them

Facts. My life isn’t exciting at all, in fact all I do is stay in. But I’ve realized that staying in is way better if I’m next to him. We could just watch Netflix and I’m totally fine with it. All we ever did was stay in. Call me boring but relaxing with him brought me so much peace. I’m not trying to be dramatic but when it was just us, my world was alright. Why do something alone if it’s a million times better with him by my side?

5 Sure Signs You’re Falling For Them Hard

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When They’re Upset, You’re Upset Too.

He isn’t a master of concealing his emotions, but he tries his damndest to be. I can tell when something is bothering him, and I can’t feel better unless he feels better. I don’t know if that’s healthy or normal. I feel like it’s normal when you have a deep connection with someone. It would be kind of shocking if you didn’t empathize with your partner.

5 Sure Signs You’re Falling For Them Hard

They’re Your Person

I first realized he was my person when my cousin died. It was my first immediate family death. My whole world was upside down. All I knew was I had to talk to him. I needed him. He came through for me, and that, I’ll never forget. Besides major deaths, he was there for me in little ways. When I had a bad day, and there were a lot, he was always there to listen. On the days that I was silent and I just needed to be held, he gave me what I needed to feel ok again.

5 Sure Signs You’re Falling For Them Hard

You Don’t Feel Anxious That They’ll End Up Hurting You

When you’re falling for them, you start to feel more comfortable every single day. Those walls you built are starting to crumble. You start to believe that they are one of the good ones. When I was at this stage in our relationship it felt so freeing. In my relationships before, they always ended up hurting me. I guess it was my fault for always choosing those kinds of men, but I digress. Long story short, he, in fact, did end up hurting me, many times. However, the point I’m trying to make is when I started falling for him all my anxiousness just melted away.

5 Sure Signs You’re Falling For Them Hard

What are some other signs that made you realize you were falling for them? Let us know in the comments below!

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