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Supplies You Have To Have In Your Car

Supplies You Have To Have In Your Car

Stocking your car up with everything you need for driving can be hard! There are a lot of little things you may forget about or may think you don’t need, but you end up needing anyway. Can’t quit put your finger on a supply you need? Look no further! Here are supplies you have to have in your car right now!

1. Hair Ties 

Have you ever driven in a car and you want to roll the window down, but you can’t because you have long hair and it will skew your site so you do. But because of that, you don’t roll down your window. This is where hair ties come in handy! If you had hair ties, you would’ve been able to put your hair up and roll down that window. Click here to browse some great Hair ties!


2. Air Fresheners

That new car smell does not seem to last and when it fades, you’ll want those air fresheners. The best air fresheners are those from Bath and Body Works, that smell like the different seasons or the best kind of flower there is. It’s easy to get lost in the buying of the air fresheners in this great place.

Whether you like the fresh linen smell or the bright smell of the ocean or champagne toast, there is always a smell that will make you close your eyes and take take a deep breath once you get into your car. Click here for a great selection of air fresheners!


3. Echo Auto

With new laws coming out about safe driving, it is important to get devices for your car that help you control music or even calling someone! Echo Auto is a Bluetooth device that plugs directly into your car charger. It connects straight to your phone and with a quick set up in the app, you’ll be saying “Alexa” for any of your phone needs. This is one of the great supplies for cars that you don’t have the ability to talk to. Click here to shop!

4. Trunk Organizer

Do you tend to throw everything in the trunk and when you actually need to use it there is 2 years of junk sitting back there to move? One of the easiest supplies to get for this issue is a trunk organizer which fits in both a regular sedan and SUV!


They are great when you have little items that will shift during travel to keep them in place. Supplies like this make grocery shopping easy and mess free: the last thing you want is a mess in the trunk because you bought a glass container that was a little too fragile. Click here to shop for trunk organizers.

5. Phone Charger

One of the most important piece to your car is the charger for your phone. You won’t want your phone to die because you were not prepared! You can never have too many chargers in your car! From type-C to lightening, you will never know who you’ll have in your car that might need some juice! 


You’ll friends will thank you for being so prepared and ready for whoever is thrown in your way! You’ll be known as the lifesaver of your friend group from now on! Click here to shop some great phone chargers! 

6. Phone Mount

Do you ever wish you had some place to put your phone while you were driving so you can control your music with ease? Phone mounts are great supplies to have while driving. It makes for less distracted driving! There are two popular different types of mounts that you can get. There is the vent mount which clicks into your vent; and the window mounts where you suction the mount onto the window.


There are pros and cons to both of these designs. The window mount can be a little bulky and can cause a loss of vision if you are mounting it to the windshield. The vent mount will only hold if the vent is strong enough because phones nowadays can be heavy. Click here to shop phone mounts!

7. Trash Can 

Most of us live in our cars. Our car is a dumping ground for wrappers, empty cans or bottles, and clothes. Having a trash can will help with the pit most of us make in your car. Although you’ll have to remember to change it, it is great to keep your car clean! Now that you have a clean car, you won’t have to clean your back seat before you pick people up! Click here to buy car size trash cans!

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8. Snow Scraper 

Everyone should have a snow scraper in their trunk during any season. This is a supply that is great and most useful during winter for removal of snow off of your car. There are so many types of snow scrapers which include, the brush and scraper or just the scraper. There are different sizes depending of the height of your car! Snow scrapers are great for any type of snow storm and are very durable! Once you buy the scraper, you’ll have it for a long time! Click here to shop snow scrapers!


9. Snow Shovel

If you are traveling somewhere and need to shovel yourself out of the snow, a snow shovel will help get you out of the feet of snow which engulfed your car while you were shopping! You may not think about a snow shovel being one of the more important supplies because you may only need it once or twice, but you’ll be happy that you do have a shovel when you need it!

On top of having it whenever you need it, this will almost be a one time buy because the shovel should last you a while! Click here to shop snow shovels! 


10. Cleaning Supplies

Always keep your car clean whenever you can. It lets people know that get into your car that you like keeping your car clean and organized! Supplies like window cleaner and Armor All will go a long way when you are just looking for a quick clean while you have the time. If you are looking for a solution to cleaning your outside windows, try Rain-X window cleaner. It’ll help treat your windows and help you see better when it rains!


Did you need any of these supplies for your car? Do you have any already? Tell us in the comments below!