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Top 5 Supermarket Brands that Will Save You Money

Saving money with the best Supermarket brands will not only ease your budget. It will also give you the best products for the best value. Below I listed my top 5 supermarket brands that will give you the best budget shopping experience.

1. Walmart

This is probably the most obvious choice on the list. Everyone knows what Walmart is. It is on every corner of the U.S. It is the go-to area for the majority of citizens here in America. It is culturally referenced thousands of times. It is a brand that most people think about when grocery shopping. Everyone knows this place for a reason. That is because it’s truly one of the best values when grocery shopping.

Many people might think that Walmart does not sell quality things. Given its lower prices. But as of now, Walmart has never had such an extensive catalog. This giant superstore has a full section of fresh fruits and vegetables. This store not only has all the mainstream stuff like Coca-Cola, flaming hot Cheetos, and Nesquick. There are even amazing gluten-free, vegan, and paleo things as well. For example, Great Value (a Wal-Mart brand) makes vegan cheese now! Isn’t that insane? This comes to show that a trip to Whole Foods isn’t the most necessary if you want something “fancy.”

This is my mom’s go-to grocery store. She buys almost everything over there. She uses every ingredient she can find at Walmart to make homemade meals. These include vegetable soup, paneer tikka masala, enchiladas, and more.

2. Aldi

This is one of the smaller supermarket brands. And by smaller, I mean each store is nearly the size of a Walgreens. And unlike Big Brother Walmart, Aldi does not have a super versatile catalog. I will never forget paying this place a visit. Amazed by how tiny it is. But does its size impede Aldi from being a great grocery store? Absolutely not!

Aldi mostly sells foods from brands most people haven’t heard of. Have you ever heard of, Earth Grown, Belmont, Sea Queen, Etc? I haven’t, at least before I tried out Aldi. What I noticed is that they are all “knock-off” brands that sell nearly identical products. For example, Belmont makes extreme topping ice cream that reminds me of Ben and Jerry’s. Heck, even the design is the same as B&Js. There is also a cereal brand, named Milville. It sells “Shredded Wheat (frosted mini-wheats),” “chocolate puffs (cocoa puffs),”  and “kid’s crunch (captain crunch).”

The reason why Aldi is doing this is to guarantee its super low prices. Without having to pay a lot for the mainstream brands, Aldi gets to sell quality products for its consumers.

3. Costco Wholesale

I can argue that this massive warehouse of a store is one of the most iconic. As a kid, the store has initially scared me. And that was because of how far away the ceiling was. The environment felt like a tall prison. Later in life, however, I got over this irrational fear and learned to love this wonderful place.

Costco is one of the best values when it comes to buying things in bulk. Almost every food product you will buy will last for a while. So this is a perfect place to come for big families. In my household of 4, we make religious pilgrimages to Costco during the holidays. We will get lots of cheese, french macarons, holiday cookies, and a giant turkey for a roast. And those french macarons! Omg! Costco sells 36 of these usually expensive products for less than 15 dollars! In most retailers, you would be charged 15 for 5 macarons. That is how good of a value these products are!

And let’s not forget about the food court! One of my favorite places in the world. Those pizzas, hot dogs, churros, and yogurts will smoke their competitors. If you have not tried these food court items, please do yourself a favor and try them!

4. Save A Lot

Want to Save A Lot? Get it? Anyways, I find this store to be the Dollar Store on this list. The environment is a lot like your typical dollar chain. The area is small and the options are not that versatile. But Save A Lot focuses more on groceries than anything else. So you will still get everything you need in this establishment.

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This is how crazy the prices are. You can buy ground beef for $2.49 per lb, 99 cent avocados, and 5 hot dog links for $1.79. Also, Save A Lot gets a weekly newsletter with coupons. Many people have claimed that Save A Lot has saved them so much money. Especially when they take advantage of those coupons. So no matter what you buy in this store, you will never get ripped off.

One more great thing about this place is the friendly environment. I have never felt so warm and welcome in a store. Once you walk inside the store, there will be employees waving to you. They would also ask you how your day is doing. And will offer help. I cannot say this for other grocery stores!

5. Trader Joe’s

People most likely assume this iconic place is expensive. Since it sells luxurious Whole Foods-Esque-looking items. And they honestly taste luxurious and exclusive. Most, if not all, products refrain from using preservatives and GMOs. There are also great international specialties the store offers. There are also other products that the Trader has that no one else does. So how does the store do it?

At least 90 percent of the store sells its own brand. This means that you will not find Coca-Cola, Cheetos, or anything else sold by mainstream brands! But don’t worry. You will not be looking for these mainstream products because TJ’s products are SUPERIOR (in my opinion, at least)! Have you ever heard of vegan tikka masala, pretzel bagels, Apleost Norwegian Cheese, and Vegan Porkless Rinds? If you have not been to TJ’s, no! This is how insane the options are here!

Overall, Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite supermarket brands ever! Whether it is budget-friendly or not. Once you give this place a visit, you are guaranteed to have a fun time. And you are guaranteed to try things you haven’t before!

Have any of these Supermarket brands left you wanting to try them? If so, let us know which of the Supermarket Brands you are adding to your shopping list!

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