10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

Brady (12). Gronkowski (87). Edelman (11). Dorsett (13). Hogan (15). Michel (26). Gordon (10). Patterson (84). McCourtys (32, and 30). White (28). T. Brown (77). M. Brown (90). Flowers (98). The list goes on for the great lineup of the New England Patriots. The team some people love to hate or hate to love. With five Super Bowl wins, this is the team other teams strive to beat. Will New England Patriots make it to the Super Bowl again this year? Time will tell, but being an Ultimate Patriots Fan, my prediction is yes. So why wait to start your party planning? Here are 10 Superbowl Party ideas for the ultimate Patriots fan to host the ultimate Superbowl party, or any football party from now until Superbowl Sunday.

1. Buy yourself a shirt

There are numerous sellers on the Internet and many styles of shirts and other apparel. You can get a shirt now with your favorite player’s number or wait until the Super Bowl shirts come out. Either way you’ll want to be proudly displaying your number the day of your Superbowl party. Try www.fanatics.com or the Official NFL site at www.nflshop.com for men’s and women’s apparel.

10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

2. Play a game of New England Patriots and Superbowl trivia

Someone at your party is sure to be an amateur statistician on Pats players or a walking encyclopedia on Superbowl history. Why not give them a chance to shine, or blow them out of the water with your humble knowledge of Patriots or Superbowl Trivia. Make a list of all the records that NE Pats players hold individually and as a team. With the numerous records they hold you’ll have plenty of stats to choose from. You can include other questions like, “How many games have the Patriots won in the final two minutes of the game?” Or, “In what years did the Patriots win Superbowls?” A great question for Superbowl history is, “From what toy did Superbowl get its name?”

3. Decorate with red, white, and blue

For those of you who are true ultimate Patriots fans, you probably have some Patriots paraphernalia you’ve collected over the many years of TB12’s reign. This is your chance to put it on display and show off your team spirit. Re-purpose items you used for 4th of July celebrations.  You can use these items for pops of color in your party space. Replace the American Flag with Patriots flags and replace the vase with a Patriots coffee mug or beer stein. Fill the vase with red, white and blue objects or colored flowers. Dig through your drawers and find everything red, white or blue. Use the colors as wall decor, center pieces or back drops for your Patriots collectibles.  Add a “Patriots” ribbon.

10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

4. Add more, red, white, and blue

Add even more color by using a blue table cloth, white plates, and red napkins for your food table.

10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

5. Place colorful treats around the room

Colorful treats will add to the Patriots theme of your party if you stay with your color scheme of red, white, and blue. Fill mason jars or other patriots-themed containers with red, white, and blue M&Ms. Layer the colors so stripes show through the glass. If you like to bake or have a great bakery near by, you can add red, white, and blue cake pops to the jars. Instead of using chocolate chips add white chocolate chips and red and blue M&Ms to the dough.

10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

6. Make a betting board

Have each ultimate Patriots fan put their money where their mouth is and create a  board on which they can post their predictions and make a friendly wager. Purchase Patriots souvenirs and trinkets for prizes or collect money for cash prizes.

10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

7. Cream cheese pizza dip

There’s always a chance you’ll have at least one friend who roots for the other team. It’s a good idea to have comfort food on hand for the plays that don’t go their way.  Your other guests will love them too.

Try this pizza dip recipe from Pampered Chef.

Spread one 8 oz package of cream cheese mixed with one teaspoon of Italian seasoning mix in the bottom of a deep dish pizza dish or pie plate. Mix 1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese and 3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese in a bowl. Sprinkle half of the cheese mixture over the cream cheese. Spread 8 oz of Hunt’s canned spaghetti sauce over the cheese. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese mixture. Top with slices of small tomatoes or dried tomatoes to tie into your color scheme.  Heat at 350 degrees until the sauce is bubbly and cheese is melted. Serve with tortilla chips or toasted baguette slices. If you prefer dip with more “heat” use a mild or hot salsa sauce with shredded Jack cheese. Double the recipe if needed depending on the size of your dish. There are other variations on line. Find the one that’s right for your ultimate Patriots fan party.

10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

8. Molasses and honey Mahogany Wings

Buffalo wings has long been a classic for Sunday afternoon football. Instead of the typical hot sauce wings, try this sweet and savory recipe. Instead of the chili sauce, add a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of chili pepper for just the right heat. Use more for extra zing or less for a milder wing.

10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

9. Chili

The ultimate Patriots fan party is not complete without chili. Try this “Game Day Chili” recipe from Betty Crocker if you don’t have a favorite.

10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

10. Gotta have BBQ ribs

Many New Englanders love their grills – even in the dead of winter. Fire it up and try this quick and easy way of using your gas grill to make ribs in time for the game without missing out on the fun. Your ultimate Patriots fan party guests will be delighted with this recipe and sure to be hungry after the pregame adrenaline rush.

10 Superbowl Party Ideas For The Ultimate Patriots Fan

Are you an ultimate patriots fan? Who’s your favorite player? Share your Superbowl party traditions in the comment section below.
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