10 Superbowl Party Games For The Ultimate Bash

If you're planning on hosting a Superbowl party, be sure to check out these 10 Superbowl Party Games for the ultimate bash.

If you’re planning on hosting a Superbowl party, be sure to check out these 10 Superbowl Party Games for the ultimate bash. They’ll make you and your guests have the time of your lives.

1. Avalanche

Avalanche the drinking game, is pretty simple and requires very little items. Make sure to have your alcohol of choice on hand, a glass, and a die. Try playing this game elimination style, it’ll make for a competitive experience.

10 Superbowl Party Games For The Ultimate Bash

2. Beer Pong

This classic drinking game is one of many Superbowl Party Games. All you really need are plastic cups, beer, ping pongs, and a table. If you’re looking to up the stakes, create teams and have the players compete for a small cash prize.

3. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is unlike any other party game out there. With inappropriate, and witty humor, this card game is pretty simple. Players ask questions from black cards, while the others reply with their funniest white card.

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4. Drunk Jenga

This timeless board game has been transformed into a perfect drinking game for any type of social call. Armed with different colored sharpies you and your party guests write ‘dares’ or ‘rules’ on each tile. Once a tile is pulled, that player must do what the tile says. If you’re not feeling daring, create an option for players to opt out of what a tile says by allowing them to take a double shot.

10 Superbowl Party Games For The Ultimate Bash

5. Farkel

Farkel is a dice game with endless possibilities. You can play traditional-style, or make up your own game by adding an alcohol aspect. It will surely be one of your go-to Superbowl Party Games.

6. Never Have I Ever

The great thing about Never Have I Ever, is that all you really need is great company. This verbal party game is perfect for your guests who are looking to laugh, and have a good time. Try playing during halftime.

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7. Quarters

With just a glass and quarters, this fun drinking game has one goal. Flip the quarter in the glass to make the other players drink. You can also implement any other rules that suite your play-style.

8. Shot Roulette

Roulette has been around for awhile, and with there being several versions of the game, you and your guests can decide on which version you’d like to play. With shot roulette all you really need are shot glasses, liquor, and a roulette wheel. Before you know it, you will have different variations to add to your Superbowl Party Games list.

10 Superbowl Party Games For The Ultimate Bash

9. Straight Face

Epic nights should always include a game of straight face. With a pen and paper, you and your party guests write outrageous sentences on paper, and once finished you pass it around. Whoever can read the scraps of paper with a straight face win the game. The drunker you are the funnier the game will be.

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10. Tippy Cup

One of my all time favorites, tippy cup is one of those games that can get pretty messy. Played one vs. one or on teams, tippy cup requires you to drink the contents of your cup as fast as possible. Once you finish you must try and flip the cup upright. The fastest players win, just be sure to skip out on wearing your nice jersey. Things are bound to get dirty.

Let us know which Superbowl party games are your favorite in the comments!
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