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11 Super Helpful Tips To Surviving A College Breakup

11 Super Helpful Tips To Surviving A College Breakup


Surviving a breakup is hard enough to deal with in life, but surviving a college breakup is even harder. Not only are you trying to find your place in life and learn and grow, but you also have a broken relationship to worry about. Luckily, you are not alone and many people have been in this situation before you. If you need some tips, definitely keep reading for these 11 super useful tips for surviving a college breakup!

1. Cut off all contact from your ex immediately.

You don’t need that kind of distraction in the midst of a college breakup. If you’re trying to get over someone, it isn’t healthy to like their posts on Facebook and read their subtweets about you. In fact, take a break from social media. Block their number from your phone and social media posts. Spend more time with family members and friends. A girl’s night out (or guy’s night out) is sure to help, even in the slightest. And most importantly—give yourself some “me time.” Now that you’re out of a relationship, you finally have time to do whatever you want, without restrictions.

2. Don’t feel obligated to share the details of your personal life with everyone who asks.

It’s inevitable that people are going to either find out about the college breakup or see that you’re upset. It’s completely up to you to share as much information as you are comfortable sharing. However, know that you’re allowed to be closed off with certain people. Not everyone has a right to know what is going on in your personal life. Don’t feel obligated to relive your painful experience if you don’t want to.



3. Take a more mature route and don’t bad mouth your ex in public.

Don’t be that person who badmouths their ex because they are upset about the college breakup. Ending a relationship is a part of life. It’s usually a difficult event to go through and people understand that. When in doubt, honesty is always the best policy. Don’t lie to your friends about your ex and the college breakup as a form of revenge just because the relationship ended on bad terms.

4. Don’t force mutual friends to choose sides.

“You’re either with me or against me”. It doesn’t make sense to force mutual friends to take sides. There’s no point in making the already detrimental situation worse by ruining friendships along the way.


5. Find whatever coping mechanism works for you and practice it.

Whenever there’s a lot going on, I like to drown out my thoughts with some rock music. Others prefer to get artsy and write emotional poetry. You might find yourself chowing down on chocolate and ice cream, which is completely fine. Do what you need to in order to feel better. If you do choose to drink, have your friend take away your phone so that you don’t say something to your ex that you will regret.

6. Don’t cast away the positive memories just because it didn’t work out 100%.

Just because you went through a breakup doesn’t mean that the whole relationship and experience is tainted. If you find yourself becoming nostalgic, don’t cast that away. You should hold those memories near and dear to your heart because they’re unique to a specific stage of your life. At the same time, don’t get stuck in those feelings. It’s important to move on.

7. Keep practicing a hopeful and positive outlook.

You aren’t doomed to live alone forever because you and your ex broke up. Thankfully, there are loads of other people out there for you to end up with. Also, don’t be down on yourself. Things work out for a reason. And even at your lowest point, life gets better. As human beings, we tend to be very resilient and keep fighting, even when life throws us curve balls.


8. Immerse yourself in your school work as a distraction.

Remember that you came to college in order to get an education. Relationships and your social life are add-ons that make your experience more enjoyable. But primarily, you need to focus on your grades in order to succeed. Getting more involved in school work will also help you keep your mind off your ex.

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9. Delete or pack up any lasting memories of your ex.

It might help to clear out their possessions. Just find a box to store photographs, gifts, and other mementos that belonged to your ex. If the wallpaper on your laptop is a picture of you and your ex, change it. If you’re someone that likes to reread texts, it would probably be a good idea to delete old messages so that you don’t reminisce.



10. Don’t rush back into the dating scene just yet.

Don’t rush back into the dating scene the moment after you left it. Figure out what you want in life by making goals and working towards accomplishing them. It’s possible to be “whole” without a significant other in your life.

11. When the time comes don’t be scared to get back out there and meet new people.

While not rushing back in the dating scene just yet is important for your health, when you think you’ve finally moved on from your ex, get back out there! It’s important to note that you shouldn’t let problems from your past relationships hinder you in future relationships. There’s going to be someone out there who will treat you well, which is exactly what you deserve. Just love like you’ve never been hurt.


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