10 Super Haunted Places In NH To Visit With Friends

If you’re anything like me then the sight of the first red leaves and the crisp air in the morning brings nothing but happy thoughts about the upcoming fall season. Along with all the pumpkin spice flavors and apple picking, the best part of fall is Halloween. Personally, I think Halloween is better than Christmas, the “scary” Disney TV movies (who doesn’t love the Sanderson sisters?!) dressing up, and going to haunted houses are just a few of the best parts of Halloween. But it doesn’t have to be Halloween time for even Fall for you to visit any of the many super haunted places in NH! Lucky for us folks living in Durham, we are surrounded by a few of the best haunted places in NH. So, grab some friends or take a date and check out these spots!

1. The Chase Home in Portsmouth, NH.

This is one of the most haunted places in NH and has been for quite some time. In the late 1800s it was a house for orphaned children and still remained a court appointed children’s home for the past thirty years or so. A young girl is known to appear in the hallways, she hung herself in the previous years and screams can still be heard in the building to this day. There are frequent reportings of hearing footsteps on the vacant floors above, doors locking and unlocking on their own, and ceiling fans turning on without anyone’s assistance.

2. Haunted Acres in Candia, NH.

About a 30 minute drive from the University of New Hampshire, Haunted Acres is one of the best haunted houses in New England. It is located in Candia, NH. Even their website is terrifying. Get ready to be chased by chainsaws and clowns! Also, make sure you wear something warm, it gets chilly waiting in line! Maybe even something hooded, so you can hide your eyes when a chainsaw gets a little too close!

3. SCREAMFEST in Canobie Lake Park.

This was one of my personal favorites when I was growing up. What is better than going through a haunted house? Going through a haunted house and then going on amusement rides right after, is the best! SCREAMFEST is located at Canobie Lake Park. It’s open on the weekends only and is a low price for both the haunted houses and the rides! Make sure you set a side a weekend night for this fun and scary event!

4. Haunted Corn Mazes.

New Hampshire is known for its agriculture and that means lots of corn mazes! Many local farms including Emery farm, Coppal House Farm, or if you’re willing to travel a little bit more down the road, The Dark Crop Haunted Corn Maze at Lavoie’s Farm. All  of the farms offer spooktacular corn mazes that are guaranteed to have you screaming.

5. Salem, Massachusetts.

OK- Not exactly in NH, but by living in NH we are lucky enough to be close to one of the most haunted places in America- Salem, Massachusetts and that is nothing to dismiss. Also known for the Salem Witch Trials and of course, the scenes for the amazing movie Hocus Pocus. During the month of October there are tons of festivals, mock trials, tours of the gallows, and spooky things that happen around this historic town. Find a few friends and take a trip down there to make a day and night out of it!

6. Haunted Hotel at the Lamies Inn in Hampton, NH.

Put on by students from my old high school Winnacunnet, the Haunted Hotel is located at the Lamies Inn in Hampton, NH. This is also home to the famous Goody Cole, Hamptons own witch who was tried at the Salem Witch Trials. Every year there is a different theme, but it’s always just as terrifying!

7. Three Chimneys Inn in Durham, NH.

A descendant of Valentine Hill, a ghost named Hannah haunted Three Chimneys Inn. She is apparently a restless spirit who doesn’t seem to like change and has been known to show her appearance on multiple occasions. Not only that, there are many stories of odd and in explainable happenings.

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There have been reports of printers shooting out paper documents even after they have been cancelled or shut off or various pieces of technology objects going missing randomly. On one particular occasions, an overnight employee woke to go downstairs when he heard someone in the front lobby. He didn’t find anyone there, however, and instead found every single drawer from the dresser in the front foyer opened exactly and inch and left there.

8. River RD in Manchester, NH.

Here’s a dare: drive along River Rd late at night and wait for the clock to strike 1:45 AM. Legend has it that a night jogger runs through this road every Halloween night, and looks just like a real person. He will not look at you or talk to you.

9. The Old State Mental Hospital in Concord, NH.

This is the typical place to visit if you enjoy the eerie feeling of sensing a presence around you but knowing you are alone. Random cold spots, files and papers pushed off desks, echoing footsteps and sounds of people talking in deserted hallways are all reported happenings at the Old State Mental Hospital in Concord.

10. Haunted Overload in Lee, NH.

Located in Lee, NH and only 6 minutes away from UNH, Haunted Overload is rated the top 13th haunted house in the country. The line to get in is always ridiculously long but it is well worth the wait and you will be just as scared waiting. Don’t forget to donate to Cocheco Valley Humane Society while you’re there!

Are there any other haunted places in NH for our student readers to know about? Let us know below and share this article with friends!
Featured image source: chasehome.org, 883zy.com
Kelly Renstrom

Kelly is a UNH Sophomore studying Psychology and Family Studies. She is a Greys Anatomy binge watcher, Animal Rights Activist, and is pretty sure she will end up alone in life with 102 cats.

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