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Super Easy Meal Prep Ideas To Keep You On Track

Let’s not lie, meal prepping is HARD. It’s such an effort to spend hours on a Sunday slaving over a stove to prepare a ton of food that you CAN’T EVEN EAT IMMEDIATELY. It’s not fun and it not easy. But, when it comes to having food prepared for the week it does definitely help you keep on track when it o=comes to your healthy eating goals and it definitely stops you from buying lunch every day of the week at work (we’re al guilty of it now and again). Try these meal prep hacks a go to make the whole process that little bit easier.

1. Chuck it all on the oven

For me, having a million pots and pans on the go at once is hectic and, quite frankly, very stressful. To minimise the stress and effort, chose dishes that you can prep and bang in the over to cook, that way you can leave them to it and not have to hang over the stove for ages. My faves to do like this are pasta bakes and a big old tray of roasted vegetables, these are quick and easy to prepare and the least time consuming meal prep items.

2. Don’t seperate it immediately.

You always see meal prep photos with the meals ready prepared in their individual containers, taking up the entire fridge. If you don’t own 4.5million containers or have an industrial fridge this may not work for you. Never fear, I find the pest options is to keep the meals together in large containers and transfer them into your one, good quality lunch bod every evening ready for the next day. This way you can chose a different meal every day if you want and you still have ready prepped food ready to go.

3. Mix it up

Don’t prep the same food every week, you’ll get so unmotivated and fall off the bandwagon real fast. Mix it up and research new recipes and options regularly. Places like Pinterest and blogs are great places to find new healthy recipes, try and find larger ones that are meant to serve at least 4 so that you’ll have enough to stretch out over a few days and don’t be afraid to adapt recipes if you do them multiple times and make them your own!

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4. Keep yourself entertained

Spending ages cooking can be a drag, it’s a long process and takes a long time. Keep yourself entertained while you’re prepping your food by watching a movie or Youtube videos on an I-pad or laptop while you meal prep, or listen to some music to keep yourself occupied. Even better, get yourself a meal prep buddy, prep with a mate who’s trying to stay healthy too or get your partner on board and prep with them. It’s way more fun having someone to work with and you’ll help to keep each other motivated and on track.

5. Prep for each other

This is a great one if you’ve got a meal prep buddy who knows what you like and dislike. Having someone else prep for you is great fun because is means your meals will be a nice surprise and you’ll have something you wouldn’t have necessarily thought to make for yourself. It keeps things exciting and makes your everyday food feel like a bit of a treat. Just make sure you pick someone you can trust so you don’t get something gross!

It’s super easy to become unmotivated when trying to prep your food in advance, but it’s totally worth the effort. Whether you’re meal prepping to try and eat better or to save money, these easy tips will make the whole process much easier and less of a chore.

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