Super Bowl Party Games That Are More Fun Than The Actual Game

If you are not into the Super Bowl or need to find something for the little kids to do while the adults are watching the game, then these are great Super Bowl party games for you! These games will be your life saver during the boring points of the game where you don’t know what to do and all of the food is out and everyone is on their phones. Break the silence during the game with these Super Bowl Party games you need to read about now!

1. Corn Hole

If you have the weather permits it, have a corn hole game outside! If the weather isn’t good, play the game in the garage. This game is fun for the whole family and has the ability to kill time before the game or ever during commercials! If the kids are getting into trouble, this is a good game that keeps their hands busy and is great for taking turns throwing the bean bags into the hole!

The corn hole board is also fun to decorate with football teams! This will give you the opportunity to show off your Super Bowl party game flex! You’ll be the talk of the street after the game is all over! 

Super Bowl Party Games That Are More Fun Than The Actual Game

2. Football Charades

Nothing says a good time like a little charades involving football terms! It is a great way to laugh and have a great time guessing and acting out terms. If you are looking for a game to pass the time if nothing is going on in football, this is one of the Super Bowl party games that will helps you get excited for the final quarter of the football game that matters.

Charades is fun to watch and have a little laugh while periodically watching the game. It is an easy game to resume to once the important part of the game is over! Just think of all the fun you’ll have with the family or a bunch of friends this Super bowl with a game everyone will love!

3. Super Bowl Drinking Game 

Do you love drinking and the Super Bowl? There is a way to combine the two into the best game adults could ever play! The rules of this game are very simple: Take a sip if, finish your drink if, and take a shot if. You can add action that you think will happen during any point in the game. This includes the commercials and the halftime show!

There is so many ways you can play this game, but don’t make it too complicated because as the game goes on, your guests may have a hard time keeping up with the rules! To make it easier on everyone, make up a couple of statements everyone will be able to follow so hopefully everyone will be having a good time playing one of the best Super Bowl party games!

4. Bean Bag Toss

Create a floor game involving bean bags! Make a mini football field and watch the fun unfold with this fun game you could make on the fly. If you are looking for something the kids in the family can have fun playing, this is a great game for them! Are you into making things as well? You can make the bean bags into footballs to create the perfect football field in your living space! This can make your pregame fun in a jiffy with this easy to make with the whole family having fun until the game starts!

Super Bowl Party Games That Are More Fun Than The Actual Game

5. Don’t Say It 

We all know that someone who yells the same word for most of the game! Make it difficult for them with the ‘don’t say it’ game! You can choose a word that no one will be able to say while the game is on! If they say it, they will have to endure a punishment you have created. The punishment can be anything you can think of! This fun game will have everyone laughing at the pain of one another who loss! You can choose any word that involves football which you think will be said a lot. But don’t you make the mistake of saying it because you are not exempt from the game either! 

6. Pin the Football

Much like Pin The Tail On The Donkey, this game is about trying to pin the football in the goal post! It’s a fun little game for kids or if the adults have had a little to drink! This is one of the easiest and best Super Bowl party games to make! Don’t let the party die this Super Bowl season! This is an easy game to set up and have a couple laughs while you are at it!

See Also

This is great for any size of the party! This isn’t just a game to play during the pregame or the commercials, this is a great game you could play at any point during the game if you need to focus on something else for a little while. You should keep this game around so you have something to fall back on if you forget to decorate something for another party!

Super Bowl Party Games That Are More Fun Than The Actual Game

7. Pass The Cup

This fun games starts with one cup, money, and one person who takes the cup, puts money into the cup and shouts out a football term. After the term is determined, the cup will get passed around and each person who gets the cup, puts money into it. The lucky person who has the cup when the term happens, gets all of the money in the cup!

If you are not a family that plays poker during the game, this is a fin way to incorporate money within the game!  You even have more than one cup going to sweeten the deal a little bit! This is one of those Super Bowl party games you have to play when the time comes! It’s very easy and doesn’t need a whole lot of concentration to know when something happens! 

Super Bowl Party Games That Are More Fun Than The Actual Game

Do you love these games? Have you played these games bring the Super Bowl before? Tell us in the comments below!
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