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Super Bowl 2019: The Best Dressed Players

Super Bowl 2019: The Best Dressed Players

Football players are way more than athletes, some of them are super trendy fashionistas, too! Here's our pick of the best dressed players of the Super Bowl.

Sportholics judge football players by their performance on the football field, so it’s only fair that us fashionistas judge them by their taste in clothes. This year’s Super Bowl sees the Patriots – of course – playing against the Rams, but since it’s too early to assess who’s going to win the game, we can at least focus on who’s going to win the fashion match. Here’s the best dressed Super Bowl players in our “modest but honest” opinion – you’re welcome!

Tom Brady – New England Patriots

When your spouse is a world-renowned top model, you certainly can’t slack when it comes to fashion, and Tom Brady knows it well. When he’s not wearing his Pats jersey, you can bet he’s definitely sporting a trendy look. It’s thanks to his grey suit and black Wayfarer-style sunglasses that he officially enters the “Best Dressed Super Bowl Players” – and we’re sure Gisele is proud of him.

Super Bowl 2019: The Best Dressed Players

Julian Edelman – New England Patriots

Let us continue the Patriots saga by recognizing Julian Edelman’s amazing style. No outfit can be boring if you rock it with your own style – not even an all-black one! It’s through tiny details – like that of white buttons on his shirt – that Edelman manages to make special something as basic, yet charming, as a black suit. Accessories, too, are extremely crucial to complete and refine one’s own style: in this case, Edelman’s black leather handbag completes his look by adding a “rock ‘n’ roll” vibe to it – and it’s definitely a success!

Super Bowl 2019: The Best Dressed Players

James White – New England Patriots

Last but not least, James White closes the Patriots parade and secures a position among the best dressed Super Bowl players of 2019. What allows him to make the cut is nothing extraordinarily peculiar: fashion is in the details, and White demonstrates to know the lesson. A black turtleneck sweater instead of a regular shirt et voila`, it’s a touchdown for men’s fashion.

Super Bowl 2019: The Best Dressed Players

Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams

California has its own West-side charm, and so do Los Angeles Rams players. Yet, only a few of them stand out in the world of men’s fashion, and the blond quarterback Jared Goff is part of that elite. Even in a suit, he is able to express his wild & free inner spirit; his winning look is that of an unbuttoned white shirt combined with a plaid suit jacket in different nuances of blue, all enriched by a black leather backpack. His message is clear: you can be classy-casual in a suit, too – and we agree!

Super Bowl 2019: The Best Dressed Players

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Todd Gurley – Los Angeles Rams

Todd Gurley is the answer if you’re looking for ” a man who can do both”, fashion-wise, of course. It’s thanks to his chameleon-like attitude towards the world of fashion that he earns a relevant position in our list of the best dressed Super Bowl players. One day he’s impeccably dressed up in a perfectly tailored suit, while the day after he’s flaunting the latest “luxury streetwear” trend. Brand-fever is back in 2019, and Gurley knows what’s hot: his Louis Vuitton custom shark duffle bag together with his bright-red slip-on sneakers allow him to sit on the throne of “Best Street-Chic Outfit” among his Super Bowl colleagues.

Super Bowl 2019: The Best Dressed Players

Aaron Donald – Los Angeles Rams

Speaking of hip-chic, Aaron Donald deserves recognition as well. Appointing a style as “hip” doesn’t necessarily cross elegance out, and Donald perfectly exemplifies this concept. He is definitely part of our pick of the best dressed players for this year’s Super Bowl: with just a buttoned-up collarless white shirt and a pine-green suede bomber jacket over it, Donald is ready for this year’s New York Fashion Week. His accessories are also up to date with the latest trends: a Gucci messenger bag and a shiny golden chain are a must-have in today’s “luxury streetwear” scene.

Super Bowl 2019: The Best Dressed Players

Here’s our pick of the best dressed Super Bowl players! Do you want to steal their style? Let us know who’s your favorite in the comments below!

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