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20 Reasons Why Your SUNY Empire State College Is The Best School On Earth

20 Reasons Why Your SUNY Empire State College Is The Best School On Earth

Take a look at this list of reasons why SUNY Empire State College is the number one college on this earth. You need to visit!

When you choose a college I’m sure you go through a decision-making-process. A school has to meet a students needs during and beyond the education. It has to be the best financial fit and have the best qualities. And whether you know what career field you’re going to end up in, the school has to have options for you. Choosing a college can be a long-time plan or it can be a quick decision to do better for yourself. For whatever reason, your college peaked your interest. Well, in my case I was recommended to SUNY Empire State by someone, and it turned out to be the best thing I’ve done 😁! I’m in my senior year of my B.A. in Cultural Studies with a focus in Communications and Media, and here are 20 reasons why I think SUNY Empire State College is the best school!

Easy Enrollment

The Undergrad enrollment process was so easy for me that I couldn’t believe I was about to be a student. It happened fast and for some reason I was expecting complications and barriers but there were none. To apply as an Undergrad at SUNY Empire State College, you need to complete an application, essay, provide proof of high school completion, and pay the application fee…read on!

Low Application Fee!

A Golden Piggy Bank

What also makes ESC the best, is that they consider our wallets! The application fee is affordable and in the lower ranges when compared to other schools in the US. Some fees can be from $75 to $90. ESC’s is $50.

So Many Courses

At SUNY Empire State College, you’d be swimming in course options. There’re subjects and then there’re alternative subjects. For example, if you have to take a mathematics course as a requirement and you don’t want to repeat the basics, there’re courses like Voter Math, Contemporary Mathematics, and Visualizing Mathematics that take a less formal approach and still earn you the credit needed for that study.

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Remote Learning

You can attend on campus, or, you can do like me and study from the comfort of your home. Remote learning is an amazing experience. It allows you to itemize your personal capabilities and strengths. Such as your ability to work independently, be organized, be schedule oriented, and make ethical decisions that have real results. These are all qualities that are valued in the world of employment! This also makes SUNY Empire State College the best because it allows you to stay committed to your family, job, or other personal endeavors!

Here are some of the reasons why SUNY Empire State College is the best!

Easy To Navigate Online Learning System

The online “classrooms” are pretty organized. You can maneuver from course to course easily and uploading options are available for submitting assignments. There’s plenty of online documentation for how things work and what to expect for your courses. The work spaces within the platform are clearly marked and easy to follow, too. They have labels for discussion areas, reading assignment areas, and areas for submitting essays. You can also access school resources and information right from the online “classroom” site. The best.

Here are some of the reasons why SUNY Empire State College is the best!

Many Resources

Another wonderful thing about SUNY Empire State College is that there’s a lot of support. A lot of links. And a lot of people to turn to when you need assistance.

Scrabble Board Game Letters Spelling Out Support

The Best Mentors

Well I’ve had one mentor throughout my time at SUNY Empire State College. She was really helpful, polite, and outgoing. I never got stuck because she’d always come to me with fore warnings and options beforehand. Most importantly she always made me feel like I could achieve what I was working towards and like I was on the right track. 😊

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The Best Professors

The professors I learned with were a combination of everything you’d expect, you’d need, and more. They challenge you to do your best. They’re tough and positively critical, and also really understanding, supportive, and easy to reach when you need them. Professors at ESC show their appreciation for your efforts. The best thing, however, is that some are even quite humorous and this made the experience that much more memorable for me.

The Best Tutors

The tutoring program at ESC is also really cool. I needed help with a course when I first started there and getting a tutor was easy and fast. The tutors are friendly and helped me through the complication I was having.

Diverse Environment And Classmates (Even Online!)

People from so many cultures study at ESC online. You’ll find that in courses you’re getting opinions and perceptions from, and learn about the focus of many different genres of people. Which makes the advanced learning process that much more broad.

A Smart Phone Taking A Pic Of A Photomontage, Of Many Diverse People

Challenging Studies

The studies have the right level of difficulty. You won’t feel incapable, you will feel inspired to try harder and take your ideas and assignments further. I came out of just about every course enlightened and feeling like I had a new tool to challenge the world with.

Great Feedback

Of course what helps you to reach a level of accomplishment is the feedback you receive from those that know best. The professors at ESC always offer great and real feedback that you can use to build onward with. What’s more, is that providing constructive criticism to peers in group studies is also a major part of learning at ESC as well.

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Affordable Tuition

SUNY’s rates are competitive. They’re a little over $1,000 less than most public schools in the average price range.

Prior Learning/Work Credits

ESC offers ways to apply college level skills to your degree. These are called prior learning credits. It’s a great way to save money on courses that you’re already familiar with. ESC really is the best when it comes to spendings.

Financial Aid

Everyone likes to get and also needs help with funding college. Like most institutions, you can apply for financial aid and you may get assistance with earning your degree at SUNY. Another reason why they’re so awesome.

Here are some of the reasons why SUNY Empire State College is the best!

Degree Planning

ESC has a program called Degree Planning that allows you to customize your degree to suit your future needs. You get to choose through an abundance of courses to create a learning experience that’s right for you. I don’t know if this is a feature for every college but it definitely makes ESC stand out for me.

Easy Book-Ordering Process

Throughout my time at SUNY I’ve ordered all my books at their bookstore to show support for such a great school! The service is always fast and they’re a lot of ways you can save shopping with them. Either by using coupons, or getting books at a used (but in good condition) rate. If you’re a book addict like me, you’ve got something like this in your place (these are only half of my texts)!

A Desk I Once Had Stacked With College Texts

Flexible Schedules

ESC offers realistic deadlines in the online learning program that prepares you for real-world work ethics . However, they are definitely flexible enough for you to get the most out of your studies and not feel rushed.

Student Activities

ESC has a lot of activities going on always. I enjoyed a funny  comedy show once at their Manhattan offices. They do student wellness retreats, have 18 clubs, and have different gatherings at their locations which are around the Mid to North-East areas of the country.

Jobs At School

A really neat thing about SUNY Empire State, is that there are opportunities to help out at the school while you’re studying. Students can participate in things such as writing articles for the student run newsletter or in the peer tutoring program. These may sound familiar to you as you think about the reasons why you signed up to your school or why your school is awesome. It’s a long ride to graduation and completion so it’s important to remember why we chose our school and what made it a fit for us! I think when it comes to great people and rigorous enlightenment, SUNY Empire State College is the best school on Earth!

Which part of this list on SUNY Empire State College do you most agree with? Let us know in the comments.

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