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Summertime Pool Essentials Everyone Should Own

Summertime Pool Essentials Everyone Should Own

Summertime Pool Essentials Everyone Should Own

Who doesn’t love spending a hot summer’s day relaxing by the pool? I know I do! But before heading out I always make sure I have a few things with me so my time under the sun will be spent in the best way possible.

That’s why I’ve created this little list of pool essentials that will help you to have a great time under the sun too! P.S. These pool essentials can also double as beach essentials.

Cute Sunnies

First on our list of pool essentials is a pair of cute sunnies. This is one of the best things you can bring to the pool because it will protect your eyes from the bright sun. I can remember so many times getting out to the pool, only then realizing I forgot my sunnies back inside!


Honestly most of the time I wouldn’t even go back for them, I’d just throw a little towel over my eyes or use my hands to block the sun. But ever since I got a pair of sunnies I love, I never forget them!

That’s why getting a pair of sunnies you like will be essential to your time at the pool. They’ll be so cute, you won’t want to forget them!

Grab Your Sunnies Here:


Sun Hat

A cute sun hat is essential to having a great and comfortable time by the pool. Find a cute straw hat that will shade your face, and you will be protected from the sun while looking cute! This essential can also double as a little cubby to set your phone or other belongings in if you take it off to get in the pool.

Get This Look:


Beach Towel

One of the most annoying things is getting out the the pool and realizing you’ve forgotten your towel to dry off with or lay out on! I may be alone in this, but it happens to the best of us.

That’s why, just like with the sunnies, getting a cozy beach towel that you love is essential to having a great time by the pool! Once you’ve found the towel you like, you’ll never forget it.


Grab Your Towel Here:


Cooling off by the pool is a great way to spend a hot summer’s day, but we need to take safety precautions because staying out in the sun’s rays for too long can be harmful. That’s why the next one of the pool essentials is the most important one!


It’s recommended to purchase SPF 30 or higher, and I would say it’s better to be safe than sorry. Using sunscreen is important because it can protect us from getting skin cancers later on in our life, as well as preventing wrinkles from staying out in the sun too long!

Although we may want a nice tan quick, that can come with consequences now and later. It’s better to protect yourself and take care of your body and overall health. If you really want a quick tan there’s so many self tanners out there that are healthier for your skin than baking it out in the sun all day. They’ll leave you with a cute summer glow without the harmful effects of the suns rays!

And even though you’re keeping you’re skin protected, you can still get a nice tan – it just may take a bit longer. But it’s always worth it to take care of your body first!


Grab Your Sunscreen Here:

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Fun Pool Float

It’s always fun to bring a cute pool float to relax on while you’re at the pool. This may not seem like an absolute need, but it’s a great thing to have on hand. They’re usually not very expensive, and once you get one it will become one of your must have pool essentials!

Get Your Float Here:


Water Bottle

Just like it’s important to stay protected while your at the pool, it’s super important to stay hydrated! Sometimes we don’t notice that our bodies are losing moisture from the heat because we’re in and out of the water, so we don’t drink as much.

But that’s why it’s important to keep a water bottle with you at all times with some ice cubes in it. Remember to keep sipping it throughout your time at the pool so you’ll stay hydrated while getting some nice summer sun!

Grab Your Water Bottle Here:



The last on this awesome list of pool essentials is one of my favorites! Bringing a speaker to the pool is so much fun because you can put on your favorite music without having to worry about losing your headphones.

If you’re at your own pool or a pool where it’s alright to play your music out loud, this is perfect because you can turn it up as loud as you like and enjoy your favorite tunes. It’s also a great thing to have on hand whenever you invite your friends out with you because everyone can connect and play their favorite songs!

Grab Your Speaker Here:


From sun hats to pool speakers, we’ve got you covered with the best pool essentials you need this summer! Let us know which ones you choose in the comments below.

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