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10 Staple Outfit Pieces To Spice Up Your Summer Wardrobe

10 Staple Outfit Pieces To Spice Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Take a look at this summer wardrobe that you need in your closet right now! From accessories to clothing, we have you covered.

If you’re like me, you’re probably spending the majority of your summer lounging around in boxy tee shirts and the same athletic shorts you’ve been wearing for three days straight. Obviously though, there always comes a time when we all must leave our Netflix binge-ing holes, draw the blinds open and step outside. Whenever I leave the house and step into the real world (although baggy tee shirts and old shorts are absolutely acceptable), I sometimes like to dress it up a bit for the grocery store, for the beach or for getting ice cream with friends. Summer is a period of relaxation and effortlessness, which often shows through in our style. Sometimes, a few staple, mix-and-match outfit pieces are just the solution when we want to maintain this care-free mindset. Here are a few things you can wear just about anywhere in the summer and contribute to your effortlessly stunning summer wardrobe.

Red Bandanna

This one might be the easiest to find and the easiest to pair! A bandanna is the perfect way to add a pop of color to a bland summer outfit. Red is classic and bright, fitting for any backyard barbecue or concert outing with friends. If you don’t end up purchasing one of these online, I can guarantee that you can dig this out of the back of your closet from that pirate Halloween costume you wore in 6th grade. Wear as a necktie or a headband, and with any combination of black, white and denim for your summer wardrobe.

These are essentials for your summer wardrobe!

White T-shirt

I know what you’re thinking- this one seems like a no brainer. However, many don’t realize the high functionality of a white tee shirt! They’re often very inexpensive and available at nearly any form of a clothing store. White tee shirts can be worn with any print, any color, any jacket, etc. Pair it with a pastel blazer for your work day, or tie it up in a center knot and wear it with your favorite ripped jeans for a relaxed night out. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with color and jewelry! The white tee is a breathable, reliable summer essential.

Overall Dress

A simple black overall dress is a fantastic way to get in touch with your feminine, child-like side this summer. Pair this timeless piece with a plain tee, off the shoulder top, or graphic band tee underneath for a completed, casual look. For a similar, more ‘country’ inspired look, go with the classic blue denim overalls as a more exciting substitution for a pair of denim shorts.

These are essentials for your summer wardrobe!

Gingham… Anything!

How can this fabric not remind you of a picnic blanket at first glance?! This pattern goes with your go-to pair of black jeans or your most favorite solid cardigan for those chilly summer evenings by the fire. It’s fun, it’s casual, it’s simple and understated- what more could you want from a summer top, skirt, or pair of chino slacks?

These are essentials for your summer wardrobe!

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Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Meow! Achieve that retro summer glow you’ve been dreaming of with a sleek pair of these sunnies. These can be paired with nearly any look you’ve concocted from your closet to give it a fresh, chic outfit. Throw these on when you’re wandering aimlessly around your favorite city on a breezy afternoon or when you’re shimmering seaside under the sun. You’ll be feeling like a movie star in a pair of these and your full summer wardrobe.

Star Earrings

Remind yourself every day this season that you are a superstar while wearing a little piece of the universe on your ears. These will add a little bit of pizzazz to virtually anything you may have on and can be worn with any of the summer wardrobe pieces mentioned above! Earrings like these make a statement- one saying that you came to conquer!

Striped Palazzo Pants

Who says pants need to be jeans? Nothing boasts bold like a pair of these bad boys. Wear them to the office or a casual shopping endeavor; dress them up or down! They’re comfy, cute and completely flexible with your everyday style. Pair it with a band tee or a tied up tank and a pair of chunky black boots. Summer doesn’t just have to be a 3 month-long siesta full of baggy tees and sweatpants. Show the world that you mean business in these powerful pieces.

These are essentials for your summer wardrobe!

How do you spice up your summer wardrobe? Tell us in the comments!

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