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25 Summer Updos You’ll Want To Try With Your Hair

Check out this amazing list of summer updos that you absolutely have to try this summer season. Organized from short hair to long hair, you’ll have plenty of cute looks to choose from no matter what your hair length, texture, or color. From picnics to barbecues to weddings, these summer updos will have you looking put together quickly in the midst of the summer heat.

1. Short Messy Bun Half-Up

Riffing on the half-up bun trend seen on those with longer hair, this messy little loop looks way cute and is super easy to do. The trick is only to use the hair on the top of your head so you can bring the bun more to the center of your crown. Also, make sure to get a sturdy enough elastic to obtain that true feeling of alien chic.

2. Blinged Up Half-Up

This look is first pinned under the hair, hiding the pins, so the decorative golden pins are purely an option to accessorize. That being said, I’m sure you could obtain a similar look with just decorative pins!

This hairstyle can be achieved by taking three sections of hair from one side and pinning each individual section off. One section is taken from the other side and then looped under the bottom section from the other. Adorn with gold pins.

3. Pinned Across And Tucked Under

This is one of the summer updos that looks fancy and can be done with short hair. You achieve this look by pinning sections back and forth on your head, hiding the pins underneath your tresses. At the bottom, you will roll the base section of your hair up on itself to create a faux bun. Pin in place.

4. 5-Minute Braided Updo

Summer updos can be cute, easy, and done on short hair. You may wonder how this complicated hairstyle can do all that, and I have the answer: buy fake braids and pin them on. Put your hair into a low bun. Easy!

5. Curly Half-Up

Curly locks look just as good in a half-up! Check out the tutorial video to achieve this look with a high pony situation, or loop your hair over into a cute little bun.

6. Many Buns

The beginning of this tutorial video will help you achieve this look. A familiar style to many a kinky babe, this look can be the beginning of a look, as seen in the tutorial video, or it can be a statement all its own. Strong, beautiful, and no-nonsense.

7. Many Twists

This wedding look doesn’t just have to be reserved for special events, although it certainly suits a ceremony just fine. Accomplish this style by bringing a few twisted pieces of hair, a few teased pieces of hair, and a rope braid or two into a nice cross-weave just above the nape of your neck. Loop the ends of your hair up into a low bun, tucking any ends in. Finish with lots of hairspray and some sprays of flowers, if it suits the occasion. 

8. More Than A Pony

Bring a sleek pony up a notch by doing that go-to trick of wrapping a strand of hair around the ponytail holder, and then adorning one side of your head with a criss-cross of decorative bobby pins. This is one of the summer updos that feels both casual and elegant at the same time.

9. Undone Top Knot With A Clip

A perfect way to finish that bedhead topknot is to clip a beautiful barrette underneath, helping to secure the ends. Don’t forget to pull a few strands out and curl them to achieve the ‘effortless’ look that you definitely put a lil’ effort into.

10. Simple Sideways Braid

Check out the tutorial video for one braid, and multiply it for the two shown below. These beautiful braids are actually a lot easier than they look because of all the ponytail holders you use!

11. Simple Bun

A low loose bun with some strands to frame your face will easily get you through a summer event. Put your hair in a ponytail, then twirl your whole ponytail around until it starts to spiral and secure with bobby pins. The other option is to ponytail your hair with your hands and then twirl it, securing your hair with the elastic only after it has turned itself into a bun, but that is more advance. 

Don’t forget to curl the pieces around your face that you deliberately took out of your ponytail!

12. Pineapple Baby Bow

This cutie hairstyle is the perfect way to get curls of your neck in the summer. Check out the tutorial video for the base hairstyle, then add a headband with a bow!

13. Double Leia Buns

Long live the Princess Leia buns! Ears are kinda weird anyway, so why not cover them up? The great part about doing this style with voluminous hair is that you can truly embrace the roundness of Leia’s buns without having to add anything extra.

14. High Pony Braid

Yara Shahidi, coming in hot with another gorgeous look! You can reference this tutorial video for some help, but you’ll need to leave out a piece of hair from the braid in order to wrap it around the pony.

Soft Rope Braid

If you like summer updos that actually trail down your back, you’ll love this great rope braid style. Plus, if you find braiding challenging, a rope braid might be your solution. Check out the first style in this tutorial video for help achieving this look.

Double Fishtail Updo

Like french braids, but better. Fishtails look amazing and can be curled up into some amazing little buns. All you have to do is learn how to french fishtail, which actually isn’t so bad.

Twisted Bun

This little bun is achieved by separating your ponytail into two (or three!) sections and twirling them into a bun individually. Don’t forget to pin them!

See Also

Lots Of Knots

This hairstyle looks awesome and will help you get out of your summer updos rut for sure! Check out the tutorial video here to learn how to make lots and lots of knots.

Simple Bun

If you’ve ever wondered how to do the classic summer updo of all summer updos, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the tutorial video here.

Pigtail Braids

This look makes a great summer updo because it’s easy and fun! Braiding is made a lot more accessible by pulling your hair into two pigtails before you braid.

Lady Pigtails

Pigtails that are pulled up and back on the head are way more sophisticated than you ever dreamed possible. Curl your hair gently to really embody the beauty of Hailey Bieber in this look.

Everyday Updo

This is one of those summer updos that you’ll just keep coming back to. Check out the tutorial video to help achieve this casual yet elegant look.

Adorned Buns

Riffing on the aforementioned Princess Leia buns, this look adds in some bling and some braids to bring your look to the next level. Add some little rope braids in the front to frame your face.

A Bun And Baby Braids

A big bun looks almost like a halo behind your head, but the addition of little baby braids around your face takes your look from Renaissance angel to avant-garde. Honestly, either one is a total winner.

Curly Lady Pigtails

These lady pigtails are pre-curled and centered as opposed to pulling back, but you could place your ponies wherever feel best for you. Cute and easy!

Which of these summer updos will be your new go-to? We hope you try more than one of these cute and easy summer updos!

Feature Image Source: via Pexels @christian-diokno,
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