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Summer Travel Tips For Broke College Students

Summer Travel Tips For Broke College Students


As summer creeps in and bucket lists are made, summer travel is on everyone’s mind. Wanderlust takes over our entire mind and we just can’t seem to get off of Pinterest, letting Bora Bora pictures fill up our boards. Instead of keeping your travel dreams confined to your computer screen, fulfill your #InstaGoals by following these summer travel tips to make sure you have the summer of your life.

This weeks questions are all about:
Summer Travel Tips

Q: I literally want to travel and see the world but cost is a HUGE factor in it all. What are some ways I can cut down the cost of hotels?

A: This seems to be the #1 reason why most of us can’t solve our wanderlust desires. Money is the biggest part of traveling, making it the most difficult part as well. But there are ways to keep the cost of traveling lower than you may have originally thought possible. Instead of booking your stay at an expensive hotel, search sites like Airbnb, where you can rent homes, rooms, and even dorms for a fraction of hotel prices. If you’re a little concerned about staying at a random person’s place, don’t be – there are reviews on the renter’s profiles, taking the sketchy out of stranger danger.

Q: Airfare is another expense that seems to just increase as time wears on. Are there any sites that offer student discounts, or just cheaper prices?

A: YES! I’ve recently come across the site called BookingBuddy; it offers student discounts to those that share an edu email address when signing up. Another thing to consider is booking your flight 3 months ahead of time, on the second Tuesday of the month. This is known to be the day offering the cheapest price you can book your flight for. If you don’t have that much time in advance to secure your flight, go into Incognito mode on Google Chrome. Ticket sites track your cookies and increase the price the more you visit their site, but incognito mode prevents that from happening – AKA they’ll show you the cheapest options.


Some things to take into account when dreaming of those adventures:

Traveling is better (and safer) when shared with a friend, especially a close friend.

Grab your closest pals and plan a trip together, whether that be simply camping or flying across the country. When you travel with someone else, you can split the cost of many things such as cabs, rooms and even meals!



Look up reviews, compare different airfare prices, and find the best tourist attractions that come with your dream destination. Be sure to ask the locals about what hidden spots you should check out – often times these ideas are a lot cheaper than the major tourist attractions (and a lot cooler too). Pack your camera, bring money for postage, and take it all in. This life is one to celebrate.

Wait until the time is right.

If prices are a huge settlement for you then there’s no shame in waiting to chase your dreams. Take the summer to work your butt off  in order to afford that dream vacation and encourage your friends to do the same. This way, by the time next summer rolls around you’ll have enough saved to actually go and enjoy your trip. Go big or go home, is what I think.

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Forget the maps.

Get lost and find yourself stranded. Most importantly, find yourself. Traveling isn’t just about the pretty sites you see, but more importantly the people you meet along the way. Be friendly, have fun, make memories, meet people. Learn new things. One of the most significant parts of traveling is opening yourself up to new experiences!

So as you get ready for summer vacation, keep these summer travel tips in mind and hopefully you’ll soon find yourself on that plane and towards a new and cultured mindset.

Featured image source: liveasborn. and condenasttraveler.