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10 Summer Theme Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

Summer is finally here! What would this season be without sprinklers, barbecues and surrounding yourself with your favorite people? If you are looking to have some fun this summer, throw your own theme party that will without a doubt be everyone’s favorite summer memory. Try one of these summer theme party ideas to keep everyone talking until Christmas.

1. The Ultimate Fourth of July Party

What would a summer be without celebrating the Fourth of July? Throw the ultimate patriotic party with red, white and blue everything–from the fruit to the napkins and even the beverages! Food coloring is your friend here. Bake some American flag goodies and offer up some fun shaped appetizers with a nifty star-shaped cookie cutter. Create a strictly red, white and blue dress code and offer some costume pieces with an Uncle Sam top hat or Lady Liberty’s crown to keep everyone on theme.

2. An Adult Pajama Party

Many of us love a reason to stay in our pajamas for most of the day. Throw an outdoor pajama party equipped with a pancake bar offering fruit, syrup and chocolate chips! Have a design-your-own sleeping mask area with puff paint and glitter or even a spa station with face masks and manicure essentials.

3. Craft Party

A best part of summer is that you can do a lot of messy do-it-yourself projects outside. So why not throw a party for it? Have a tie-dye party with instructional stations and colors for all the different designs you can do. Have your guests bring some basic tees or pairs of socks. Or, you could have a pottery painting station where people can paint their own cute clay planters!

4. Christmas in July

It may not seem like the most summery of summer theme party ideas, but this one’s for all you Christmas lovers out there! Throw a holiday barbecue with Christmas music and ornaments hanging from your summer plants and pineapples. Cut your watermelon into little Christmas trees and do a Secret Santa Summer Essentials gift exchange gifting sunglasses, sun screen or cute flip flops. And don’t forget to hang a wreath on the back porch!

5. Outdoor Movie

Throw the ultimate movie-viewing party with popcorn, soft drinks and candy. Make it a movie theme night with a campy horror film or the ultimate chick flick. Have everyone show up in their pajamas or as their favorite movie character. Before the sun goes down, host a little pre-movie quiz with a prize (a cinema gift card perhaps?) for whoever wins.

6. A S’mores Party

A summer campfire is never complete without s’mores. Have a buffet prepared with all the chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows ready to go. Give everyone their own skewer, put on the ultimate tunes and there you have it! The perfect relaxed bonfire party.

7. A Backyard Dinner Party

Set up a long table–no chairs needed. All you need are blankets and pillows for everyone to sit for a Moroccan-style dining experience. Have enough candle light and lanterns for when the sun goes down and plenty of finger food.

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8. Host a Water Balloon War

Invite a large group of family and friends over and choose team captains. Have them pick teams and then a team name. You can kick it up a notch and sport war paint and wear camouflage for a take-no-prisoners party. Have a trophy or prize prepared for the winner, or just give them bragging rights.

9. Ice Cream Party

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day? Throw a party with a decked-out ice cream bar set up: chocolate, strawberry and caramel syrup; whipped cream, M&M’s, peanuts. Anything your mind and palate can come up with. Of all the summer theme party ideas, this one is easily the most delicious.

10. Glamping

Throw the most luxurious camping experience with your girlfriends and set up a tent in your backyard. Lay out dozens of pillows with spa essentials, beverages, snacks and music. Add in great conversation, and you’ll make a perfect late night with the gals.

What are your favorite summer theme party ideas? Share them below in the comments!


Erica Elbers

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