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Summer Styles You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Summer Styles You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

The summer is finally here. Say goodbye to school and hello to a whole new season. It is time to make this your best summer ever. Let loose and have some awesome times with your friends. Just remember to look terrific while having all this fun. There are many outfits you can get to fit the summer vibes. You don’t need to necessarily get a whole new wardrobe, but there are some items you can add to your closet. How do you know what to pick? Well there are some summer styles that you should look out for. These are parts of an outfit that are going to be the hits of the season and will bring in the most compliments. They will help you enjoy the summer even more and be prepared for any and all plans that you will have a t this time of year. Here are some of the chicest styles of the summer, as well as some examples of how you can do the absolute most. 

Bright Colors

1. Bright Colors

It is now the sunniest time of the year. We are out of the darkness and the dreariness. The sky is going to be very bright out, so why not match. One of the big summer styles for this summer is bright colors. This can be for any item of clothing, from the pinkest of shirts to the yellowest of skirts. You can wear them with something neutral for a classic look, or with something bright for a stand out look. Bright colors will get all the focus that you want. The beauty of bright colors is that they shine, which makes all eyes drawn to them. They are able to show that you like to have fun which is what summer is all about. From a happy barbecue to a summer wedding, you can find some excuses to wear something bright. It is time to have some fun in the sun, so wear something that shows you are fun to be around. Shine bright like a diamond as you turn a bunch of heads with the best colors.


Crop Tops

2. Crop Tops

Try to show off that summer bod somehow. The best way to do it is with confidence. It doesn’t matter what your body actually looks like. If you have the confidence, you will always be hot. One way to show off that beauty is through a crop top. Crop tops have been a staple for summer styles for a while now. It is not right for the winter considering how it would cause you to freeze to death. However, it is perfect for the hot summer air. They come in many varieties, like tanks, short sleeves, bandeaus, and more. You can show off your abs and look your sexiest, which represents your now free hot girl summer. This will be great to wear at the beach or at a hot summer party, or anywhere you want a little attention. Don’t be afraid to show some skin, it is tanning season after all.

Mini Skirts


3. Mini Skirts

No need to wear something bulky and layered this time of year. You can show as much skin as you want. You don’t have to worry about being too cold anymore. You will always be warm in this weather, so take advantage of that fact. There are a lot of summer styles that are about not covering up as much, but one of the more popular ones is mini skirts. This is a trend that has been around for a while. It is the look seen in a movie when girls are trying to look extra hot. They can show off your legs and accentuate some other assets. Summer is the perfect time to wear some mini skirts. School is out so you don’t have to worry about the fingertip rule. You don’t have to worry about freezing, but you might have to make sure you don’t burn. If you want some sex appeal, this is the skirt for you. You can’t wear this somewhere that is too formal, but it will work great for when you are at some sort of party, or maybe when you are planning on hooking up with someone cute. Don’t be afraid to hide, stand proud and rock that sultry skirt.

Platform Sandal Heels

4. Platform Sandal Heels

It is time for you to put your best foot forward. It is time to show off that wonderful pedicure and to now worry about walking through snow. There are many heels that can accomplish this goal, but this year’s summer styles, when it comes to shoes, are all about platform sandal heels. These can be many different heights, but it is always great to stand tall. And unlike most heels, you don’t have to worry about tripping so easily. These heels are thicker which makes it easier for walking. The sandal part is great now that your feet can breathe and soak up the sun. You don’t need to worry about keeping them warm anymore. These platform sandals will be great for any occasion, as they’re not as fancy as heels like stilettos or pumps. If you want to go shopping with some friends, go to a more upscale party, or anything in between, these heels will be amazing and if you get a black sole they will go with most outfits. Treat the world like it’s your runway and get ready to strut.


 Cut Out Dresses

5. Cut Out Dresses

Why not try getting a little fancy, but also have some fun? There may be some dressy occasions that you will have to go to in the summer. It is important to be prepared for those events, but you can still try to be a little sexy. One of those hottest summer styles this summer is the cut out dress. This is a one piece dress that has the appearance of being a two piece. In the front, the stomach is cut out separating the top and bottom of the dress, but it is all together in the back. Or it could be cut on the sides to show off your hips. This is a dress where you can still be formal if necessary, but it also has some flirty vibes and works great for the heat. This may not be appropriate for a black tie formal, but it can still work for many occasions. You could attend a nice wedding in this or go to a fancy restaurant with a date. You don’t need to be all frilly with bells and whistles to be fancy. Sometimes a dress that is simple yet stylish is the way to go.

Woven Bags

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6. Woven Bags

No look is complete without the proper purse. Purses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they are always reliable. They can help you carry everything you need throughout your day, and they serve as a fashionable accessory. Now that it is summertime, there is a certain bag that will completely match the vibes. I am talking about woven bags. These are purses with the fabric woven together for a groovy texture. Typically they will come in a light tan color. These bags are often associated with the beach, which makes them perfect for the summer. The bag has an artsy and carefree feel to it which can give you a boho summer girl aesthetic, nothing too elegant. You can bring this purse to many places, like the beach, the park, a carnival, and anywhere else you want to have fun. You can carry all of your items in this purse, like your phone, your wallet, and your style.

Bold Sunglasses


7. Bold Sunglasses

The sun is going to be bright in the summer, so make sure you have the right protection. Of course that includes sunscreen, but I am mostly talking about sunglasses. Sunglasses are always a part of summer styles because they are a bit of a necessity. You need to shield your eyes from the sun so that you can actually see. However, that does not mean you should wear some boring and plain sunglasses. Sunglasses can help elevate your look if you pick some great ones. Go for something bold. You can wear some sunglasses in a fun color, such as continuing with the bright colors trend, two summer styles for the price of one. Or you could wear sunglasses in a kooky pattern to make them extra eye-catching. Maybe get a couple so that you have one that will go with every outfit in your summer. The beauty of sunglasses is that they will not ruin any look, so you can have them prepared everywhere you go. Seeing is important, but it is a bonus that you can see in style.

Crafty Jewelry

8. Crafty Jewelry

Accessorizing is always important for a great outfit. Sometimes people see it as an afterthought and focus on the clothes of a look. However, accessorizing, especially jewelry can help tie together an amazing outfit. There are many ways to approach jewelry for a look. One of the great summer styles is to get something a little artsy. Find something that is one of a kind, maybe with a lot of color or differently shaped jewels and beads. You may look for something on Etsy so you know that what you find will be one of a kind. If Etsy is not your style, you can still find big brands with wild jewelry. Summer is all about going crazy, brightness in the sky, and so much color all around you. So why not express all of this in your jewelry. It will make your most casual outfits a little nicer and your fanciest outfits a little unconventional in a good way. Go bold with your accessories so that every part of your outfit is perfect.