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UF Street Style: Summer Edition

UF Street Style: Summer Edition

After many months of classes, the long-awaited summer has finally arrived at the University of Florida. Summers in the Swamp are best known for being fun, productive, and full of adventure, even through all the rain and humidity. Fortunately, the hot temperatures and daily downpours do not mean you have to sacrifice your style. There are many chic ways to master your style this summer. Keep reading for best UF street style ideas for summer!

1. Two Piece Sets

Two piece sets, typically made up of shorts and crop tops, are a super easy and trendy outfit option. They can be dressed up for nightlife or dressed down as casual day outfits for class. Sets are convenient and perfect for the Swamp’s steamy temperatures. With many designs, styles, and colors to choose from, you’re sure to stay stylish all summer long.


2. T-Shirt Dresses

T-shirt dresses are light, airy, and simply adorable. You can quickly slip one on right before class or work and still look totally put-together. The t-shirt dress is perfect for life on a college campus. With the right shoes and jewelry, you can take your t-shirt dress look from day to night without much hassle. They are a great summer staple to get you through the hot, sunny days!

3. Trendy Raincoats

Investing in a good raincoat is essential if you are living at UF this summer. Our campus often experiences multiple days of rain each week during the summer. Umbrellas can be annoying to carry around, which only makes having a cute raincoat even more important. Believe it or not, raincoats can actually be a fun accessory to add to your summer looks. Make sure you have your raincoat ready to be as fashionable (and functional) as possible this summer!


4. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants, more commonly known as flowy pants, give the ultimate summer vibe. They are perfect for those looking to express a bohemian style. Typically, Palazzo pants are funky-patterned, lightweight, and very comfortable, which is ideal for the summer. You can wear them in the heat without getting too hot. And an added bonus? You’ll look like a fun beach babe at the same time… even if you’re in the Swamp and not on the shore.

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5. Off-The-Shoulder Tops, Dresses, and Rompers

Off-the-shoulder fashion is a fresh and flirty option for summer. Since dresses, rompers and tops are all available in this trend, you can rock the off-shoulder look in many different ways. Off-the-shoulder fashion will keep you cool in the humid summer air, and will still keep you feeling up-to-date with the summer fashion trends.


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