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Top 10 Summer Snacks To Keep Your Diet In Check

Top 10 Summer Snacks To Keep Your Diet In Check

Summer Snacks are an undeniable pastime for this time of the year in which beating the heat and having good food is so necessary. But how is one supposed to know what kind of snacks to make? Nowadays there are all kinds of diets and limitations to consider before whipping together some Summer Snacks for family or friends. No need to worry though, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 Summer Snacks to keep your diet in check.

1)  Watermelon

Whether you serve it on a snack, blend it up in a smoothie, or just eat it right off of the rind, watermelon is an amazing choice among Summer Snacks for keeping your diet in check. Alongside its versatility, watermelon, in general, doesn’t have a whole lot to it. It is a great source of hydration and has a really easy to eat texture so that anyone can enjoy it despite the teeth situation going on in their mouth. But besides all that, these snacks come with hardly any calories and feel like you are eating a substantial amount of food on account of the chewing. Yet in the end, you’re really not ingesting all that much, which can be a real problem among other Summer Snacks.

2) Fruit Pops

This option among other Summer Snacks can be great due to the variety in which you can make these snacks. Any organic fruit juice or natural fruit that you want to put in with some juice can be used to make these wonderfully refreshing and mobile snacks. All you need is some format of ice trays or molds and your favorite fruits/juices. Plus, they generally are quicker to freeze up and last longer even if the heat is beating down on them for a while.


3) Walking Tacos

While this isn’t the healthiest in this list of Summer Snacks, it can be a great and savory way to kill a craving. Instead of running over to your favorite taco place, grab yourself a bag of Fritos and throw some taco ingredients in with the chips. This allows you to section off a small portion of taco goodness and get a nice salt fix from the chips. So long as this is made in moderation, it can kill cravings and be a healthier snack that is more nutritious than just eating the chips.

4) Sorbet

Fresh fruit, organic maple syrup, and lime juice. That’s really all you need to make one of the most refreshing Summer Snacks in this list. Sorbet is essentially like a cross between a fruit smoothy and an icy. But with this recipe all, you get in return is a sweet and creamy way to take your favorite fruit without injecting any kind of artificial colors or preservatives. And if you’re thinking corn syrup, forget about it! Find yourself some REAL maple syrup and get mixing on the ingredients. I’m positive you won’t go looking for any other Summer Snacks For Quite some time.

5) Almonds

Yep, that’s right people, good Summer Snacks for your diet don’t have to be complicated. Almonds at their core are healthy and can provide your body with the necessary nutrient and fiber your body needs to keep healthy. Plus, they aren’t a hard snack to transport and they aren’t messy in the slightest. Whatever kind of containers you can manage will work wonders for some simply roasted almonds. Plus, many of these Summer Snacks are more on the sweet side of things, so here’s one that’s more savory and salty.


6) House Made Yoghurt

Get yourself some plain organic yogurt and your favorite type of fruit and you’re on your way to a delicious and healthy variety of Summer Snacks. Given the fact that you can vary the type and branding of yogurt alongside whatever fruit may be interesting you at the time. This is a great idea to keep in mind when you’re looking for healthy Summer Snacks. As it can be catered to any flavor or preference of whoever wishes to make their life a little sweeter. All you really need for this is the above ingredients and a nice and sturdy blender, from there, you can control the texture of your yogurt or yogurt smoothie if you wish it.

7) Veggie Chips

Now I know what you’re thinking, how can chips be on a list for healthy Summer Snacks that will keep your diet in check? But in all seriousness, veggie chips are a great way to get salt cravings out of your system without belting into some overly salty and processed chips or other snack foods. The good ones are those that are baked veggie chips that are lightly salted for flavor. Otherwise, there are some other varieties that are more like processed chips, but better ingredients. All in all, do some research, give some taste tests and see which variety of these healthy Summer Snacks work best for you.

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8)  Snack Wraps

Grab yourself a whole grain tortilla, cut it into strips, and then proceed to wrap your favorite ingredients up into nice little finger food. If you do this, you have one of the easiest and versatile Summer Snacks available to you today. Whether you’re wrapping up lean cuts of meat, or low-fat cheese, or maybe even some kind of blended veggie spread. Using a whole grain or veggie wrap can really help you to feel full off of a snack without breaking your diet.

9)  Fruit Cones

As far as Summer Snacks go, I was a little skeptical about this one, but I truly find this idea to be handy and tasty. Simply pick yourself up some waffle cones at your local supermarket and fill it up with grapes or slices of your favorite fruit. The magic in this snack is it’s handy while still being tasty. You get a crunchy texture along with your soft fruit and the cone absorbs the fruit juices to take on a little bit more flavor and sweetness. All in all, a handy way to get some fruit into your system while still having a little sweet treat with it.

10) Trail Mixes

Take those almonds we were talking about earlier and throw them in with some dried fruit and seeds. Trail mix is like the golden example of healthy Summer Snacks. The fact that it is so easily portable and can be a mixture of so many textures and flavors-makes it incredibly versatile. Plus it is readily available at most stores in different combinations- or you can make your own and cut out some of the sodium or sweets that are found in many of the prepackaged options.


What did you think of our healthy Summer Snacks? Have any other recipes or ideas to add to this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below, we could all use more healthy snack ideas this Summer.

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