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Summer Skirts You’ll Wear All Season Long

Summer Skirts You’ll Wear All Season Long

Now that the sun is out, it’s time to shop for your staple summer skirts. But where to start? What to buy? Let me be your guide for all things summer skirt related. Here are eight cute styles that might be of interest to you: 

1. Layered Maxi Skirt

While I normally condemn micro trends, I think that layered maxi skirts are here to stay. They’re so casual, yet oh-so stylish. And if you’re tired of wearing shorts all summer, these are the perfect substitute. Like jean shorts or white linen pants, plain maxi skirts are extremely versatile. You can pair them with a formal blouse or a graphic tee—either way, you’ll look effortlessly chic. If you buy them in a neutral tone, like black or white, you’ll get even more use out of them. Mind you, these aren’t just summer skirts. Since they’re longer and usually of a thicker material, you can probably get away with wearing this skirt when fall comes around. 


2. Matching Sets

What’s better than cute summer skirts? Cute summer skirts with matching tops! Sets have been in for a while, and honestly, I hope they never leave. They just make life so much easier. You never have to think about what goes with what—the outfit is already made for you. I absolutely adore this set from Princess Polly (as shown in the picture above). This to me is the ultimate summer outfit–just look at the sunshiney yellow! Just looking at this outfit inspires me to go on a picnic and take cute pictures. 

3. Midi Slit Skirts


There’s nothing wrong with a basic black skirt. To enhance the basic black skirt even more, I suggest looking for a mid-length one with a slit. I bought one from Abercrombie and if I could wear it everyday, I would. No question. These summer skirts work with any outfit, whether you’re feeling a tube top and chunky sandals or a satin blouse and kitten heels. They’re elegant, yet understated; flexible, yet formal. I don’t know why, but I feel like claw clips pair really well with midi slit skirts. 

4. Cargo Skirts

I’ve found this to be a very divisive summer skirt. Some people love them, some people hate them. I guess you can’t win over everyone. Though I’m not rushing to buy one, I can admit that cargo skirts are cute. They definitely cater more towards the Y2K aesthetic, of which I’m not a huge participant of. Power to you if you are—I’ve seen so many people making stylish outfits with a cargo skirt! Typically, people like to pair them with a baby tee. If I had a cargo skirt, I would wear it with a pair of Dr. Martens platform Oxfords. You can easily turn a cargo skirt from Y2K to dark academia with a headband, frilly socks, and a tight, long sleeved blouse. 


5. Preppy Prints

Summer is peak preppy season. The amount of Lily Pulitzer dresses and LoveShackFancy skirts I’ve seen in the past week are innumerable. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t wear those types of pieces. This summer, embrace your preppiness! Short layered skirts with a bright, bouncy design make for such an adorable addition to any outfit. I love how preppy brands never shy away from using color. Why stick to nudes this season when you can wear pastels? Accessorize your skirt with some dainty jewelry, espadrilles, and a simple top, and you’ll fit right in at Martha’s Vineyard.

6. Crochet’s The Way


There’s no question as to why crochet skirts are so popular. I mean, just look at this one. Isn’t it unbelievably cute? Anything crochet makes me feel like I’m living in a different decade. They’re so retro, vibrant, and oftentimes, sustainably made! If you’re searching for a crochet skirt, Etsy has tons. It’s good to prioritize buying from small shops than large, unethical corporations. Plus, the designs on Etsy are all so original. I’ve seen crochet skirts of all different styles, from ones with daisies woven in to striped minis. Warning: since they’re often handmade, these summer skirts tend to be a little bit pricier. Consider all your options before you splurge! 

7. Athletic Skirts

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Sporty meets chic with these precious skirts. You’re going to sweat in the summertime—it’s inevitable. So why not sweat in style? Throw on a breathable, comfy exercise skirt, and you’ll be able to withstand those 100 degree days. Though tennis skirts have faded in popularity the past year, I still think they’re amazing. I’m also a huge advocate for running skirts, despite the fact that I despise actual running. Whether you’re athletic or just want to look like you are (like me), you should add these skirts to your shopping cart. Of course, these skirts work well when paired with gym sneakers. I also like them with a slicked back bun (break out the Olaplex) and a one shoulder sleeved top. 

8. Vintage Vibes

Looking for an excuse to go thrifting? Enter the thrift store with the intention of finding the vintage skirt of your dreams. While it’s hard to predict what’s in stock at thrift shops, I can assure you that they’ll have at least one skirt you’ll like, especially if you go to a larger Goodwill or Savers. I am in LOVE with the way older skirts look. Anyone can pull them off; they’re always so classy, albeit slightly stained and/or damaged (that’s the risk you take with thrifting). I know this doesn’t necessarily qualify as “vintage,” but if you’re having no luck at thrift stores, raid your mom’s closet for summer skirts. She might have something from the 80’s you end up liking.



And there you have it, my seven favorite skirt looks as of summer 2022. I feel like skirts are becoming the least popular option for bottoms nowadays, and it crushes my soul. Bring skirts back into the spotlight this season, and wear yours with pride!

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