10 Summer Shoes You’ll Def Want To Be Wearing This Year

Summer shoes are meant to keep your feet cool and protected this summer while you roam around the world or just kick back in your own backyard. That is cool, protected, and also, super fashionable. Here are 10 summer shoes that you will want to wear this summer to look ultra chic.

1. Iridescent Clear Heels

The iridescent or holographic trend has been here and is still sticking around. Embrace the trend this summer with these iridescent block heels. It’s like your clear heels, another fashion trend, except more colorful and interesting. Perfect to pair with those colorful and vibrant summer clothes!

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2. Yellow Booties

When spring hits, we store away all our beloved boots and booties and bust out our trusty sandals. Don’t be so quick to toss these vibrant shoes into the back of your closet though. Whether you are heading somewhere a little more chilly for the summer or you want a full coverage shoe for your next night at the club, these yellow booties are perfect for you. While the silhouette is very fall and winter, the bright yellow color makes it super appropriate for summer!

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3. Woven Sandals

When you think of the beach or tropical vacations, you should think of these shoes. Looking at the woven material and the fringe detail, you cannot help but wish for sandy beaches and blue skies. Not to mention, these sandals will go perfectly with that new bamboo handbag you just bought!

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4. Red Mule Heels

These red mule heels will give your lazy summer day outfit a great pop of color. On those hot summer days, where it’s too hot to overthink your outfit for the day, you can grab some ripped jeans, a white t-shirt, and these heels and look super chic as you run errands or grab brunch with your girls. Like wearing red lipstick, wearing these shoes will make you look put-together when you’re really melting from the summer heat.

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5. Pink Bow Slides

Give your summer a girly touch with these pink bow slides. Whether you need to hop outside quickly to help your mom with the groceries or you need to run a quick errand, these slides are super comfortable and support your feet better than any ol’ flip-flop. These are the perfect, comfy shoes for lazy summer days at home!

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6. Peep Toe Geometric Booties

These peep toe geometric booties are the perfect summer booties. While they won’t keep your toes protected from other people’s heels or the sun, they will blend into your outfit seamlessly and give you a boho chic look. You will be effortlessly cool this summer when you walk around town in these heels!

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7. Floral Black Heels

Give your black heels a summer update with these floral black heels! Your standard black heels will last you from season to season but these floral black heels have a little more drama and glamour than your typical black heels. You can strut down the street in these heels and know that your shoes aren’t just blending into your outfit; these heels are improving your outfit!

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8. Striped Converse

Every girl needs a good pair of sneakers in her closet. Whether you’re spending the entire day at the theme park or going for an adventurous bike ride around town, a pair of sneakers will have your back covered in terms of practicality and style. These striped converse will disguise those mud and grass stains so you can wear them day after day on your next grand adventure!

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9. Lace-Up Espadrilles

These lace-up espadrilles will give your sundress the perfect angelic, beachy vibes. Take these with you on your next tropical vacation and you will be surprised at how comfortable these heels despite all the height they can give you. Not to mention the lace-up detail is so on-trend right now!

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10. Strappy Sandals

There’s nothing like a pair of trusty sandals to keep you on your feet all summer long. These strappy sandals are light, easy to travel with, and go with everything! They are exactly what you need, no matter if you are on the beachside under an umbrella or at home next to the grill. You will love how versatile these sandals are!

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Which summer shoes will you be rocking on the coastline this summer? Tell us in the comments.

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Joann Kong

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