10 Summer Shoes You Need In Your Closet This Year

Have you decided on your go-to summer shoes this year? With all the great trends happening, it can be hard to decide what look you are going for this summer. After you see these updated versions of your favorite staples, you just might want to leave your old favorites at home and run out to do some emergency shopping. Here are 10 summer shoes you will want to have in your closet during the hottest months of the year.

1. White Pumps

Retire those old, nude pumps this summer and replace them with these chic, white pumps as your go-to summer heel! Wherever you go, you will look a little more polished when you are wearing such a classy shoe. They will go perfectly with that staple, white dress you like to wear all summer long. But limit these pumps to pretty, white dresses. You will love how these heels can brighten up any outfit, especially a simple pair of blue jeans!

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2. Slides

Your flip flops make loud slapping noises. They don’t have great arch support and they are not that comfortable to walk in. So ditch them this summer for slides! Slides have all the convenience of flip flops but they are more supportive of your feet. You can enjoy your beach day all day without needing to stop because your feet are tired from walking in shoes with so little support.

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3. Strappy Heels

Gladiator heels are such a cute style but if you are not into the bohemian and laidback look, then try these strappy heels. These heels give the original gladiator style a modern update with clean lines and solid colors. Enjoy the same strappy look without all the ropes and leather! With all the colors you can choose from, why would you want to stick with the original boring brown leather?

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4. Tassel Heels

Tassels can be so much fun! We shimmy and shake in tassel dresses so let’s give our shoes the same fun elements. These tassel heels make your simple nude heels more interesting. Instead of blending into the rest of your outfit, these shoes will be a standout feature.

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5. Wide Straps Sandals

If your style isn’t about anything too flashy or dramatic, you will love these wide strap sandals. Like flip flops and slides, they are super convenient because you can just slip them on and go enjoy your day of sunny adventure. But unlike the slides with their big buckles and rustic style, these sandals are all about clean and bold lines. They are perfect for you if you want shoes that will just blend into the rest of your outfit.

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6. Low Block Heels

Heels are so sexy. They make you taller and make your walk sassier. Stilettos are amazing but are not the most comfortable shoes to explore the world in. When you are run around local towns and beautiful, historic sights while on vacation this summer, those cobblestone streets and dirt roads will make you regret the four inches and narrow heels. Keep your sassy walk and height this summer with these block heels! They will give you all the stability you need to survive the long sightseeing trips and you will still look fabulous.

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7. White Sneakers

White sneakers are a must-have for this summer. If heels or sandals are not your kind of a thing, you will love how comfortable and covered these shoes are. You can look chic and sporty in these shoes without compromising on the comfort of your feet. Beware the maintenance involved with these shoes! Trying to keep these shoes all white and scuff-free this summer while you travel the world will be difficult.

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8. Clear Heels

Ditch the classic black and nude heels and embrace the trend of the clear shoe this summer! If you have a hard time finding nude shoes that actually match your skintone, you will look how clear shoes are always a perfect match. With clear heels, you don’t need to worry about color coordination or mismatching. These heels will go with anything and anywhere!

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9. Espadrilles

Take the beachy look with you everywhere by wearing espadrilles this summer. You may not be chilling by the beach this summer but these sandals with their nautical stripes and woven soles will make you think of palm trees and salt air all summer long. These shoes are super comfortable and gives your outfit the perfect casual, chill vibes. Exactly what you need for any tropical vacation!

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10. Gingham Sandals

Do you want some fun heels with patterns but are worried about finding outfits that will match? Try gingham shoes this summer! Since gingham only has two colors, you can work within this color palette or make the shoes the focus of your outfit. Not only are they fun to wear but you will bring back all the fun memories of picnics and outdoorsy activities whenever you wear these shoes.

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What will be your staple summer shoes this year? Tell us in the comments.

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