10 Summer Shoe Styles You’ll See Everywhere This Year

Thanks to the education that watching countless episodes of Sex and the City provided me, I’ve learned one of life’s big lessons. Summer shoe styles are everything. They can take any outfit to the next level with a surprising pop of color or a unique heel. Even an all-black look can be elevated to something fresh with a hip bootie. Although Summer often seems like the perfect time to ditch trendy shoes and say “Hello” to $1 Old Navy flip-flops, it’s really not! Summer is a time to get a little bolder with your colors and prints, and most definitely your shoes! Buckle up, because these are the styles you’ll be seeing everywhere this summer and beyond.


These come in all sorts of styles and you’ll definitely be seeing a variety of them all year long. Their signature woven sole gives this shoe a sort of shabby-chic vibe that is great for any summer cook out you might have!

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Adidas slides might take you back to middle school sports practice, but they have gotten a fashionable twist lately. Athleisure has found its way into the mainstream and wearing your old black and white slides with a simple outfit will make you seem cool and effortless.

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Another shoe style with variability, mules can be seen at a variety of different heel height. Go for a flat mule for everyday wear and have a heeled one for special occasions. 

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Platform Sandals

Platforms are great for adding a little height without the pain of heels. You’ll feel more dressed up and put together and your feet will seriously be thanking you at the end of the day. You’ll see a lot of espadrilles in this style, which goes to show how popular those are going to be!

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Did you seriously think these were going out of style just yet??? Nope! Birks are here to stay, at least I hope so. These are the ultimate comfort summer shoe that can be worn on an evening stroll around the block or out to dinner. This is one of the most comfy summer shoe styles.

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Dad Sneakers

This might just be the most controversial trend as of late. If you aren’t willing to commit to Balenciaga’s take on the dad sneaker, whether that be financially or style-ly, you can definitely hop on board the clunky sneaker train!

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Strappy Gladiators

This shoe style should be a staple in everyone’s summer wardrobe by now. The simplicity of a barely-there sole paired with straps that tie up your ankle cannot be beaten!

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Retro Sneakers

Whether it’s Converse, Stan Smith’s, Superga’s, PF Flyers or any number of classic sneakers, these are huge for this year. Pairing a sneaker with a sundress is such a LOOK for summer that everyone should try out.

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PVC Details

See-through details are popping up everywhere as of late. It can be fun to play with a clear panel here or there, so why not try it on your shoes? This is another of the summer shoe styles that is a hot trend right now.

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Western Boots

No, I don’t mean cowgirl boots. Take the wild-wild west and make it fashion! A western inspired bootie can be the perfect outfit topper if you do it right. This is one of the summer shoe styles that is ideal for concerts and music festivals.

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Which of these summer shoe styles are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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