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The 25 Summer Outfits We’re Obsessed With

It’s about to be summer and we can’t wait to rock a crop top and shorts like it’s no one’s business. Before we head to our local thrift shop for all the vintage Levi’s we can get our hands-on, we decided to head on over to Pinterest for some inspiration. Whether you’re the Parisian wannabe, a minimal book nerd, or a badass social media manager, we found looks for you this summer. Prepare to take some screenshots because you’ll love these 25 summer outfits we’re obsessed with just as much as us. Let’s get started! 

#1. All White Linen Vibes

Linen is so perfect for summer not only because it’s super comfortable but because it breathes well in warmer climates. After a few good washes, it softens up so your sun-kissed skin won’t be irritated. Wearing all white linen can be such a fresh look for summer! Pair it with a pair of brown sandals and a woven handbag and you’re good to go! Wanna know what the cherry on the top is? It makes you look way more tan than you actually are! Viola! 

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#2. Summer Printed Button-Down + Light Wash Jeans

This has got to be the most popular go-to summer look which means it takes no extra effort on your part. That’s a great thing! Now you have more time to think about where you’ll be getting your next Acai’ bowl from. What’s even better is you can probably score a top like this from your local thrift store! Way to go second-hand clothing for coming in clutch this summer. Pair it with light wash denim and a cute sandal and you’re ready to party! Choose a flowy and breathable fabric for those days where the sun is unbearable but so is staying inside. 

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#3. Lime Green Pants

Lime green has been popping up everywhere this spring and summer season. It really should have been the color of the year. Whether you are into mid-century furniture, retro fashion, or a pop of color, you probably know and love lime green. Grab a pair of lime green pants, pair it with a printed top or even a basic tee, and dress it up with accessories and you’ll be the vintage queen we all hope to see on our timelines. You can probably score a unique one from a local thrift store, or even shop in the men’s section at your favorite store. I would wear them with a graphic tee and some vans for a more casual look!

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#4 90’s Floral Slip Dress

It goes without saying, your Saturday farmers market runs are never complete without a slip dress and sneakers. What says “I’m a badass who loves vegetables” than this dress and a reusable canvas tote? Sporty this classic summer outfit this summer and all your friends will be jealous. Whether you’re a tall gal with daddy long legs or a shortie from the block, these look great on everyone! Tip: grab one with a subtle print that way it makes for a great transitional piece when fall comes around. 

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#5. Printed Midi Skirt With A Slit

These skirts have got to be the most comfortable and breathable skirts you could wear this summer. They are so flowy and the slit gives your legs the airflow they need…especially if you live in a humid + warm climate. Rock them over a bathing suit, with a crop tee, or an oversized sweater. They can be worn with heels, boots, or your really old converse (that you probably need to clean.) Show off that tan you’ve been working on with a flirty and fun pattern! 

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#6 Gingham Printed Dress

It’s finally warm outside to walk over to the park and whip out that cheese board you’ve been holding on to dearly. Except now it’s the appropriate time to sport a gingham printed dress. These are perfect for summer, and can even be seen as a neutral pattern for those minimal lovers out there. This pattern can be found literally anywhere so get out there and be one of the thousands of girls rocking a gingham printed dress this summer. Try a different color than the ones your friends are wearing as a subtle way of standing out! 

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#7 Off The Shoulder White Top

If you don’t have an off the shoulder white top this summer, you’re doing it wrong! This has to be the staple wardrobe piece for just about everyone…yes, even your mom. Your favorite brand probably has some sort of this style on sale and you can grab yourself one for your tropical vacation (a girl can dream right?) What I love about having an off the shoulder white top is that 1) it will always make me look tanner than I actually am and 2) it shows off my collar bones. I sometimes think that’s a neglected part of the body but so fun to show off. 

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#8 White Button Down With Vintage Denim

Now, this is the perfect effortlessly chic outfit for anyone. If you find yourself to be a bit more simple, casual, and not one for crazy patterns, then this is the look for you. If it were me, I would grab an oversized white button-down so I could wear it multiple ways. Wear it as a dress, a bathing suit cover-up, or pair it with a pair of light wash vintage denim jeans and voila! You’ve got an outfit! Keep it natural, simple and beautiful! 

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#9 Rock Your Fav Band Tee

So you’re a music junkie and you’re going to be hitting up every music festival this summer? No worries, we got you covered too! Chances are you already own your favorite band tees and plan on rocking them every day! Go you-we’ll be dancing by your side. If not, there are so many ways to pair a band tee with your outfits this summer. Cut it into a crop top and wear it over a dress, tuck it into jeans and throw on a pair of boots, or turn it into a tank top and wear a cute lace bralette under it. The options are endless. We just hope you actually listen to the bands you rep! 

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#10. Open Back Bodysuit

So it’s summer and we’re trying to wear as little clothes as possible right? Right. Next time you’re going for some matcha tea and not sweat all the water out of your body, try wearing an open back bodysuit tucked into a pair of denim shorts. This is a great excuse to not wear a bra (like you need one anyway) and you can find some with really cool strappy details. You might get a funky tan line, but hey! Isn’t that what summer’s for? 

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#11 Deep V-Neck Crop Top

These deep V-neck crop tops have been all the rage this spring and summer season and we 100% support it. Look cute while wearing little clothing? Yes, please. Get any pattern, but this polka dot pattern is so cute and flirty. Go for a light color like this jade green for summer. Wear it with high waisted shorts, or your favorite denim skirt! Your skin will have it’s time to shine and see the sun…finally. 

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#12 Utility Jumpsuit

This is my personal favorite and I have one like this in dark green. If you’re the girl on the go then this is the perfect one-and-done look! Throw this utility jumpsuit on with a pair of boots and a messy bun and you’re ready to take on the world. Step into the city with style and confidence and people will surely notice. Grab them in a summer color or one that’s neutral and can transition well into any season. 

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#13 Plant Graphic Tee

Being a plant mom is hard. You have to leave all your children at home every day. Well, we’ve found the equivalent to having photos of your children in your wallet, just put your plants on your tee. What’s great is this is super cute and can be worn with just about anything. Those lazy days when you really just want to wear a t-shirt and jeans don’t have to be so boring. Show off something you love and care about. It may even spark up a conversation with a stranger!

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#14. Flared Denim Jeans

Get in touch with your hippie side this summer season and snatch up a pair of flared denim jeans. The perfect summer outfit? We think so. This goes perfect with any graphic tee, crop top, or heck – even your bikini top! If you want something you can easily dress up, opt into a darker wash. Want something casual, go for the light wash! Give the illusion your legs are super long and trick everyone on social media. 

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#15. Maxi Printed Summer Dress

It goes without saying that every girl will be reaching for her printed maxi dress this warm weather season, and we are right there with them. No matter what pattern preference, or neckline you prefer there’s a dress out there for you. Grab a funky color, or something more neutral. Use this moment to really show off your personality and let people know who you are. 

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#16. Two-Piece Sets

Two-piece sets are the cutest and easier summer outfit. You can pick a solid color or a pattern and not even have to think about what goes with what. A vacation outfit made easy. Check! Show off your body, tan and glowy skin this summer with a crop top and high waisted shorts set. You can find them just about anywhere, but click the look below to see one we found (and are obsessed with!) 

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#17 Paper Bag Shorts

We’re staying cute and comfy in paper bag shorts this summer. These lightweight and breathable linen shorts are perfect for any summer outfit. They are also so easy to fold up and pack away for your summer vacation. Going to a music festival? great, pair these with a crop top and you’re good to go! The high-waisted fit is great for Petites and anyone who wants to give off the appearance of longer legs. 

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See Also

#18 Delicate Vintage Dress

If you’re a lover of all things vintage style and delicate pieces then grab yourself a delicate vintage dress this summer. Go for a lighter color so you can match it with any shoe or accessory you already have. It’s also a perfect dress to transition into any season throughout the year. Use this as your one-of-a-kind piece while you’re traveling. Dress it up with a pair of heels, or dress it down with a chunky sneaker! The more flowy, the better! 

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#19. Floral Wrap Mini Skirt

This is the perfect go-to summer item to throw in your wardrobe if you’re the girl on the go. It’s a great way to show off your girly-flirty side without trying too hard. Best thing? These are so comfortable and breathable. Grab a floral skirt and pair it with a funky graphic tee or a basic white crew neck for a more casual look! You get to show off your legs, cute shoes, and feel the breeze of the summer wind at the same time! Can anything be better than that? 

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#20 Sheer Tops

We all know that it’s going to be hot this summer and clothes are already making it worse. Comfortable showing off some skin? Grab a sheer top! There are seriously so many different ways you can style a sheer top, like this way with a little bralette over it, or wear it unbuttoned over a bikini top and half-tucked into a pair of denim cut-offs. It will be unique for sure and get tons of compliments. Make sure to pick up a colorful summer top to pair with anything you already have in your closet! If you style them in funky ways, let us know how in the comments below!

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#21 Scarf Tops

This is for the girls who are hitting the beach, music festivals, or the local thrift shops in 90+ degree weather. Show off your glowing skin by diy’ing your lightweight scarfs. Tie them around your chest and turn them into crop tops! A great way to repurpose something you already have. Viola! If you don’t have any extra ones big enough to turn into a crop top, pick some up at your local Goodwill or stop into your favorite store to see what summer designs they have. 

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#22. Tye Dye Street Fashion

Tye dye has been popping back up on the high fashion scene and we are fully obsessed. Summer will never be the same. Whether you make it yourself with your girlfriends, or you shop at a cute boutique and get a one-of-a-kind piece, it’s sure to stand out. Make sure to grab non-toxic dyes if you’ll be doing it yourself as a way to be safe to your body and the planet. Pair it with a pair of dark pants, or light denim cutoffs. The possibilities are endless. 

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#23. An All Purple Look

Purple has been popping up more and more recently and it’s making a big statement this summer. Get your outfit to stand out even more and make it a full ~ lewk ~ with a matching top and bottom. Wear white sneakers, cowboy boots, or even super strappy heels. This look can be dressed up for day or night and is perfectly mixed with anything you already own! Check out how to wear this trend down below!

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#24. Silk Skinny Strap Tank Tops

These tanks are the perfect summer top for just about anyone. Style it alone or layered on top of your favorite graphic tee. Tuck it into some vintage levis, or untucked with your favorite linen pants. Summer is a breeze with a skinny strap top like this. Show off the show of your shoulders, and the freckles on your chest! My favorite color? Ivory. What’s amazing is I have found mind at thrift stores, and vintage shops for almost nothing. 

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#25. The Best Outfit For Summer: Your Swimsuit

This is no doubt the best outfit you could be wearing this summer, and we’re obsessed because it means water, sunshine, and a good tan. What’s the one bathing suit style that looks great on everyone? The high waisted one piece. The ’80s are calling and they are 100% okay with us borrowing this style. Personally, I love wearing one piece as bodysuits underneath shorts because you never know when you’ll want to take a quick dip in the ocean. 

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No matter what you wear this summer, we can bet you look cute as ever. Remember to get outside, breath that fresh air and spend time with the ones you love. We’ll probably be obsessed with whatever you wear!

Which of these summer outfits is your favorite? We would love to hear from you!

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