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12 Summer Nail Art Trends You Have To Try

With these 12 summer nail art trends, your nails will be as fun as your summer! For the 3 months of summer, you can rotate your designs and try all 12 looks! Your nails will thank you!

1. No Artificial Nails

When you paint your natural nails it can look just as good as the professionals at the salon who apply artificial nails. Sometimes our nails need a break from the harsh side effects of artificial nails. When worn too often, they can leave nails thin and brittle. A nice balance of natural nails and artificial ones will be a lot easier on your nails. But taking a break from the fake doesn’t mean your nails would look boring! Spice them up by adding some glitter and animal print to your nails! You will be glad you did.

2. Coffin Shape or Ballerina Nails

The coffin shape design is similar to the sharp and pointy stiletto shaped design, but it’s a lot safer. This style gets it’s name because the nails are shaped like coffins or ballerina shoes. This design is currently trending and fashionable with celebrities, so why not be your own superstar! Opt for very subtle or extravagant, whatever you choose, this design will definitely make a statement.

3. Ombre Nail Design

This nail technique is one of the coolest designs for summer nail art trends. This ombre design will allow you to have more than just that one basic nail color. Pick 2 or 3 of your favorite colors from the same color palette and your nail technician will do the rest. This creative twist will grab a lot of attention so get ready to be noticed!

4. Alternating Swirls and Lines

This nail design is the perfect way to doodle and nobody will know if you messed up. I would recommend this design if you are just starting to do your own manicures, but still want to stay away from the basic looks. This pattern is super flexible because it can be worn on long or short nails and even natural or artificial ones. It’s great for all because the size or shape of the nail doesn’t matter. If you don’t have a steady hand or the time to do your manicure, you can purchase line tape to aid in the process.

5. Accent Nails

This simple nail design is a great way to spice things up even if you’re tight on time. The accent nail is one, sometimes two, nails that stand out from the rest. It gives a little zest to your manicure. The best part about the accent nail is that is can be any nail. The most common is the ring finger, but I also think the pinky nail is a great option. Opting for the middle finger as the accent nail can also create a very clean and symmetrical manicure.

6. French Tip Nails

Are you in need of a manicure but don’t know what design to pick? This classy French tip design has been around as far back as the 1800s, making it a worldwide favorite for most women. Many believe its popularity can be attributed to its ageless quality! Anyone, young or old, can rock this manicure.

7. Glitter Nails

Glitter makes everything better. There’s no wonder it’s summer nail art trend that will never go out of style. When you want your manicure to sparkle, shine, and turn heads, you’ll want the glitter design. A little glitter can go a long way, but I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much glitter. This design can bring shine to a dull manicure and can give your nails an edgy, nontraditional look. This is a fun and happy design that all ages should wear! Don’t let your age determine your nail polish.

8. Rhinestone Nails

Bling bling. This nail design can look super cute, but be careful! If it’s overdone, it can quickly turn tacky and unattractive. This dazzling design will definitely make your nails pop and is the perfect fit for a formal occasion, like a wedding, prom, or a fancy date.

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9. Neon Nails

When you want to pop, this is the perfect vibrant design to do so. This polish is pretty much as bright as nail polish can get! There will be no hiding when you’re sporting this look. The neon color even looks like it’s glowing, so there’s no doubt it will be one of the hottest summer nail art trends.

10. Matte Texture

This design is perfect whether you prefer light or dark nail polish. Matte polish is very modern and classy; it’s the complete opposite of the shiny polish that many wear nowadays. What I love about this design is that the polish rarely chips! Rocking this matte design this summer will be perfect because you won’t have to worry about damaging your nails while having fun in the sun!

11. I Scream, You Scream

This is one of my favorite summer nail art trends because it’s so fun and tasty! When I think of summer, I think of sunbathing under the warm sun on the beach with an ice cream cone. Why not have my thoughts become reality with this tasty treat on my fingertips? There are over 1000 icecream flavors it shouldn’t be too hard to rock your top 10.

12. Word Nail Art

This summer nail art trend can be two things: really unique and cute or a hot squiggly mess. It’s safe to say that a steady hand is a very important factor with this nail design. With this style, I believe less is more. For the full effect, you don’t have to write a word on each finger. Keep it simple and it will look fantastic. Let the word be your accent nail of choice!

Your summer nail art trends are the perfect way to compliment your attire. You nailed it, post a picture below of the design you chose!

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