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Summer Nail Art Trends You Have To Try

When it comes to nail fashion, the limit of exploration does not exist and this year, summer nail art goes from the simplest of colors (your blacks, creams and whites) to all colors of the rainbow with every single design you could possibly think of. No matter what your summer nail art style is, there is a color and design for everyone.

So, let me ask this one question: Why are people into summer nail art? What is all the fuss about? 

1) Creativity! Do you love being creative? Do you enjoy taking risks? Nail art allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and be as creative as you would possibly like. Even if you don’t always like to get your nails done (hello, this is me right here), even just a shade of rose pink can do the trick and perhaps even spark that creative part of your kind. And who know, the next time you go to the nail salon, you might want to step out of the box even more and try something new. 

2) It’s Affordable! This truly depends on where you get your nails done. Do you get them touched up at a nail salon or do you do them yourself at home? If you can do them at home, then you sure are one of the lucky ones because often times going to a salon can take a lot of money out of your bank account. I only know this to be true because someone I know gets her nails done every 2 weeks at a nail salon. One day, when I asked her how much it costs, she said that sometimes she spends up to $100 on her nails. I couldn’t believe it! But that also depends on what design and colors you prefer, so it could be a lot less. But still. If you can do them at home, I highly recommend it. Nail polish (depending on the brand) can be cheap. Plus, nail polish lasts forever, too. 

3) The Community! Did you know that the summer nail art community (and really all of the seasons) is a gigantic community? If you didn’t, welcome to the club. Apparently it’s a supportive community where people from all over the world share their nail art designs. How cool is that?

4) No set time frame. Do you enjoy doing your nails in the day time? In the evening? Early hours of the dawn? What is great about nail art is that you can do them any time of day—unless you have a set appointment at the nail salon of course. 

5) It’s a conversation starter. I’ve noticed that when my friends get their nails done, more people (if they’ve noticed their nails) come up to them and start a conversation. “Where did you get these done? They look so beautiful! I love the design!” I guess it’s true that summer nail art brings people together. Who would have thought!?

6) Nail art has no age! One of the most interesting things about the world we live in is that I’ve noticed, with nail art at least, is that it doesn’t matter how old you are. Whether your 5 years old or 75, summer nail art is for absolutely everyone.

Summer nail art trends that YOU should try!

The Happy Face

Let’s be real, ladies. We hid our smiles during the pandemic while wearing masks and I don’t know about you, but I do not want to hide my smile anymore. That’s why we’re keeping smiles on our faces and bringing them summer nail art as well. Not only are they fun, but they will and without a doubt bring a joy to others faces as well when they see them on you. 



Swirls are everywhere and that is including on your nails. Think of this trend as bringing back the 70s with all of the crazy colors and designs. I love this trend and so should you. Change up your swirls and paint them in different directions using different colors. You don’t even have to go to a salon to do this either. Experiment at home and if you don’t get your nails the way you want, then call the salon. Remember: Practice makes perfect. 

French Mani (with different colors, too)

I truly believe that the French mani will never go out  of style. It’s a classic. From Paris Hilton and Ariana Grande, to Bella and Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, this summer nail art trend is here to stay…but with a twist. Instead of using the classic white, take that risk and use a different color like red or pink, a sparkly silver even. 

See Also

Hot Pink

Bright colors are in style this year, ladies. From the hottest of pinks, bright yellows and neon green, if you’re following the fashion and makeup trends, bright colors are truly EVERYWHERE. I can understand why, too. If you think about it, we are all slowly finding our way back to the normal. Or the new normal that is. The pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty to the world and now that we’re in the year 2022, we all want positive change and positive vibes only. So put some bright colors on your nails. Why not?


Neutrals are my favorite type of summer nail art. When I think of this trend, I think of a Meghan Markle’s nude manicure that she almost always wears. Apparently she wears Essies, Ballet Slippers and whether you like her or don’t, I believe she rocks  it every time. There’s also the other neutral colors like sheer nude, lush brown, and creamy white. If you don’t want to go crazy with your nails, a neutral color might just be the perfect fit for you. Plus, this nail art trend is perfect for any occasion.


There are SO many berry nail art designs that I feel as though my brain might explode. Really though. The ideas are endless! Whether you’re a watermelon, strawberry or even kiwi fan, berries are one of the hottest nail style trends of this year. 

What are some of your favorite summer nail art trends? Tell us below in the comments. 

Sky Curtis

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