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10 Summer Makeup Tips For Any Beauty Beginner

10 Summer Makeup Tips For Any Beauty Beginner

10 Summer Makeup Tips For Any Beauty Beginner

It’s almost summer which means beach trip with friends, going out to brunch, sunbathing while drinking icy cold drinks by the pool, and most importantly, being under the hot sun. Do you want to look like a glowing goddess this summer without having your makeup melting off of your face? Save the Joker look, and follow these 10 simple summer makeup tips for any beauty beginner!

1. Tinted SPF

Thick foundation can be a struggle to wear during the summer because if your face starts to get oily and sweaty, the thickness of the foundation can start to separate, and make your face look patchy and caked up. To avoid this, you want to apply light tinted SPF to cover your face very naturally, while also giving you the protection that you need from the harmful rays of the sun. There are many makeup brands that offer tinted SPF such as Milk Makeup, First Aid Beauty, La Mer, and Chanel.


2. Keep your lips moisturized

With the sun beating down stronger, and the days being longer, your sensitive and fragile lips can undergo some serious dryness and irritation. There is no need to pout about this though! Fortunately there are so many ways that you can keep your lips supple and moisturized! Always remember to carry around lip balm, and exfoliate your lips every night before bed. You can also use leave in lip masks overnight and wake up with soft lips in the morning! You can purchase lip masks on Amazon, and a popular brand for them is Laneige!

3. Waterproof Products

Liquid such as oil and sweat interacting with regular mascara and eyeliner is just asking for disaster. Do you want to look like a panda in your next Instagram photo?! If not, invest in some waterproof eyeliner and mascara! Nothing will be different about your makeup, except for the fact that you’ll look flawless all day long, and you can jump in the pool all you want without coming out looking like a mess!

4. Bronzed Beauty

Skip the time consuming hours basking under the sun which is by the way VERY harmful for your skin, and use some natural bronzer to show off and enhance your beautiful facial features! If you add bronzer on the right parts of your face, you can successfully amplify your cheekbones and jawline. Let’s move on from the artificial tanning that ends up making your face turn orange, and use some gorgeous natural bronzer!


5. Highlight

Shine doesn’t always mean grease or oil. You can look sexy and gorgeous with some highlight to make your face glow and brighten. By using highlighter to illuminate your facial features, you can show off a full contour effect day or night! Highlighter also has the effect of making your skin look healthier! This is an addition to your summer makeup routine that you can leave out.

6. Primer

If you want to ensure that your makeup is smudge and patch free, you won’t regret sacrificing a few seconds of your day to apply some primer before putting on your makeup! Primers are responsible for holding up your makeup no matter how hot it is outside, ensuring that your fresh face of makeup stays all day long!


7. Sheer Shades

Instead of using dark and rich colors, go for some sheer shades so that your makeup doesn’t look too heavy! Wearing dark shadows can make your makeup look a little too extra, and I’m pretty sure you do NOT want that, especially during the summer when your face is more visible under the bright sun. On the bright side, sheer shades are almost impossible to go overboard with!

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8. Stain Blush

When it comes to the summer, you should just ditch the powder blush. Powder blush can cake up fast on your face, but stain blushes give you the natural glow, and is guaranteed to stay on your face for a long time!


9. Makeup Backup

It is always important to have makeup in your bag during the summer, just in case you get sweaty or oily! Many of your favorite makeup products probably come in travel sizes, which are easier to carry around!

10. Setting Spray

After applying all of your makeup, it’s important to finish everything off with a setting spray! Setting sprays ensure that your makeup stays put and intact. Also, you want to make sure your makeup lasts under the beating sun!


Know any more beauty tips for the summer? Let us know in the comments down below!

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