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Summer Makeup: How To Make Your Face Glow

Summer Makeup: How To Make Your Face Glow

Summer Makeup: How To Make Your Face Glow

If you have waited all year long for that zero summer makeup routine, this is your moment! Experts don’t advise soaking your skin in foundation or other products during summer because the combination of sunlight and strong makeup can seriously damage our skin. The big news is that the fashion world finally listened to the word of dermatology and decided that the new summer makeup trend will be ethereal clean beauty, with a strong preference for glowy skin and bright colours.

Clean Skin:

This summer, makeup artists decided to go foundation free and we love it! They opted instead to use just a touch of concealer, maybe in your eyes’ dark circles, or some BB cream only when your spots are visible. Great if you hate the feel of foundation sliding down your face… which can happen. If you are going for a night out without looking too plain then only use mascara, eye-line and a fruity lip tint (coral is usually a great colour).

Summer Make Up: How To Make Your Face Glow

Glowy Skin:

Since I came over here girls have been using highlighters in every occasion. I couldn’t understand why as If there is one thing, I am not good at is doing my make-up. So, one night my housemate tried her highlighter on me and OMFG, I LOVE IT! I fell in love with highlighters instantly because they do change your look. This year summer trend is all about glowing skin with a natural gleam. Experts prefer to use liquid or cream highlighters to give a more natural glow.

Summer Make Up: How To Make Your Face Glow

Colour Bright Eyeliner

If there is something in life we need to learn and become an absolute pro is doing our eyeliner. Some people are born with this skill and some other (AKA me) need to practice more. Make-up artists wanted that this summer one of the trends was all about eyeliner, I am still deciding If it’s a good or bad thing. Yet, this doesn’t have to stop us, because colour pop eyeliners are sooo pretty.

Summer Make Up: How To Make Your Face Glow

Colour Pop Lips

Get out of your comfort zone and start wearing new colourful lip tints.The past award season taught us that statement lips are so popular. Yellow, pink, orange, bright red, blackberry are the experts’ favourite colours for the summer, so find your own tint and wear it.

Summer Make Up: How To Make Your Face Glow

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Bright Eyeshadow

I am not a big fan of eyeshadow, probably this is because my incapability to apply it, but I still try on my odd days. Advice from the make-up artists is to put away your ‘all dark’ colour palette and buy a new one. One of the rules of eyeshadow was that it had to match with your look and make-up, well you can all throw that rule in the bin and learn a new rule for this summer makeup trend: it’s all about colour. Why only use one colour when you can use a different colour from pink to blue at the same time? If you don’t like that rainbow look on your eyes then one-colour eyeshadow will be your second choice, always using a bright colour like magenta, pink, bright yellow and baby blue.

Summer Make Up: How To Make Your Face Glow

Girls, the most important rule of these summer makeup is to have flawless skin care routine, which is how you can make your skin glow during the summer and only then help it a little bit with highlighters. If you cannot afford to spend your money on expensive creams or treatments there are also a lot of home remedies for glowing skin, like cucumber juice, or lemon and honey.

Wishing you all a great summer and may the glow be always with you.

Let us know what is your favourite way to get a glowy skin during summer in the comment section below.

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