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10 Summer Jobs That Anyone Can Do

10 Summer Jobs That Anyone Can Do

10 Summer Jobs That Anyone Can Do

Summer is right around the corner, and that means that those of you who are attending college are most likely looking for a summer job. Maybe you’re wondering where you should start, or what you are even qualified for because you don’t have any job experience. If so, I am here to help with this list of 10 summer jobs that anyone can do.

1. Food service worker

This is one of the number one summer jobs that those with no prior job experience are most able to do.

Places like Chickfila, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Zaxby’s are always hiring, and if you’re looking for a seasonal job this is definitely one way to go. You could work as a cashier, a fry cook, a bus person (the one who cleans off the tables).


Or, if you want tips, you could try working at a restaurant where you would be a waiter, such as Longhorn’s, Olive Garden, or O’Charley’s. Being a server comes with ups and downs, but you will never be bored!

2. Retail sales person

Ah, retail. If you have never had a job as a retail salesperson before, I highly recommend it. Not because it’s an easy job (although maybe you will get lucky and find the one store where there are never any angry or just plain awful customers), but because it is a fantastic learning experience.


For the most part this type of job is easy to get, and normally not having any previous work experience is not a deterrent, so it’s a great option for seasonal work. Just be prepared to deal with some crazy stuff.

3. Nanny

This job is a great option for those who love kids and have a lot of energy. Nannying is like being a mother or a father for eight to ten hours out of the day, and then you have to answer to someone about your parenting style. It’s a big responsibility, and it’s definitely a job that requires some sort of previous experience (like babysitting), but it can be very rewarding for those who love kids.


4. lifeguard

I highly recommend this type of summer job if you are physically capable. In my opinion, it is one of the best summer jobs available. Being outside all day, surrounded by water and people having fun is a great way to spend the summer.

You will most likely have to take some training courses after you are hired if you are not already lifeguard certified, but most places are willing to certify & train you, which is great.


5. Mowing lawns

If you live in a suburb, or have a way to haul a lawn mower around your home town, you can make a decent amount of money mowing lawns. It’s a chore that most people who work full-time either don’t have the time or the inclination to do, so if your prices are competitive enough, you can really clean up. (ha)


6. Housekeeper

Like lawn mowing, most people don’t enjoy cleaning their houses, so if they can afford to pay someone else to do it, they will. (Looking @ myself)

You will have to go online and see what the average rate is for housekeeping in your area, and based on that number you can decide what to charge your clients. It’s also a great way to be your own boss so that you can set your own hours during the summer.

7. Camp Counselor

For those who attended camp as a child, counseling is a great option. Most camps are always recruiting for the summer, and they don’t normally require any previous experience—although if you happen to have experience, that’s a plus.


This is one of the summer jobs that is perfect for those who love the great outdoors and making lasting connections with people through bonding exercises and adventures.

8. Tutoring

For those of you who have a specialty subject, like English or math, tutoring over the summer could be a really nice option to make some extra money.

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There are tutoring agencies that you can apply to if you don’t want to be a free agent, but if you do then getting in touch with your local school systems and offering your services to the community through them could potentially give you a real business.

Good grades and a professional demeanor are a must for this type of work, but if you are the type of person who is driven to succeed, I highly recommend tutoring as one of your top summer jobs.


9. Pet sitter

If you love animals, this is one of the summer jobs that is the best, hands down. Most people plan vacations over the summer and while they are gone they need someone/somewhere to board their animal, which can be very expensive and traumatic for the animal.

Having someone come into their home to take care of their animal and play with it for a few hours a day is a much better option, and one that people will pay for.


There are agencies you can go through to hook up with people who need pet sitters, or you can become your own boss and build up a client base on your own. Either way, this job is a great option.

10. Interning

Okay, so this is one of those summer jobs that isn’t one that anyone can do, simply because internships are really competitive. But, it is one that everyone should do because internships are a great way to jump-start your career.


Ideally, you would begin applying for internships way before the summer even begins, and if you are accepted you would be spending your time building up work experience towards your field of interest.

I will say this, never apply for an unpaid internship. Unpaid internships are a giant rip-off, and if you don’t value your work then no one else will either.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you babes. Do you have any additions to my list of 10 Summer Jobs That Anyone Can Do? If yes, tell us in the comments! Happy job hunting!

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