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10 Summer Jeans That Will Look Amazing On You

Jeans can be worn in the summer with just about anything. Even though the majority of your legs will be covered you can still look fabulous. Check this list out.

1. Skinny Jeans

I would like to start with my fav type of jeans ever, skinny’s! They are super cute and can be worn casual or even dressed up. They can make just about any body type look amazing. These jeans can be worn in the summer with a pair of sandals, crocs, and even heels. They elongate your legs making them seem long and thin since they are super tight from the waist to the ankles. These jeans are very trendy and are for everyone, women, children and even men. It’s not easy finding the perfect pair of these jeans but once you do you will keep them forever and wear them all year even during the summer.

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2. Straight Leg Jeans

These jeans are very similar to skinny jeans with a few noticeable differences. Straight jeans are looser at the thighs to the ankle, which provides a little more space to breathe. These jeans can be your go-to pair of jeans if you don’t like your pants fitting snugged like skinny jeans. These jeans have been trending in America since the 1800s and are still very popular today. Pair these jeans with a casual t-shirt and a pair of flip flops and you are ready for the summer. You can either rock these jeans with a camisole and sandals.

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3. Flared

These jeans are also known as “Bell Bottoms,” because of the bell shape that is made at the knee to the ankle. These 70 styled jeans are old school but very popular nowadays. A pair of these in the summer must be lightweight or the sun will trap the heat in your pants and you will be a goner. Lightweight material will be your friend for the summer season, trust me. These jeans would look great with a free-flowing tank top and a pair of low heeled sandals.

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4. Boot Cut

The perfect pair of these jeans are slightly tight on the thighs but loosen at the knee to the ankle. These jeans are in the middle of straight-legged jeans and flared jeans. Both men and women wear these jeans. The name of these jeans come from the fact that they are typically worn with boots. These jeans will make your legs look longer. In these jeans, you will look and feel fabulous. They are breathable which makes them comfortable and that is exactly what you need in the summer.

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5. Wide Leg

These jeans are loose from the waist to the ankle. These jeans are lightweight and very causal. Perfect for catching that summer breeze. The pants were popular in the early 2000s and are making a comeback. These summer jeans will look great with a tight simple shirt. You don’t want to overdo it with the fabric, especially with the summer’s heat.

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6. Ripped

These jeans are also referred to as distressed jeans but whatever you call them these are great for the summer. The rip on the jeans can vary from showing the calves, knees, and thighs. You can go from a peek a boo rip to a full-blown thigh exposure. You’re in charge but remember bigger is better. This style goes back to the ’80s and used to be for the hard rock and heavy metal goers but now this look is for everyone. These jeans are casual and for the summer will go great with a cute tank top or a t-shirt.

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7. High Waisted

Be ready to turn heads because these jeans will do just that. These jeans will look amazing this summer with a crop top or even a cute bikini top. Great summer outfit choice. These summer jeans are flattering to the body and very stylish since they accentuate your waistline. These are the jeans you will wear pretty much everywhere during the summer. These jeans can be worn on a girls’ night out, a casual brunch, or even during a stroll on the boardwalk.

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8. Low Rise

These summer jeans are very flirty and must be worn with a side of confidence. These jeans must be bought in your correct size so that any embarrassing mishaps won’t occur. These jeans too big will sag and expose your rear. How embarrassing. But yet, too small can create a muffin top that may not have been there before. That too can be embarrassing. Each of these can ruin a great summer. Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits.

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9. Jeggings

These “jeans” are so comfortable and everyone from the celebrities to the modern folks is rocking them. These pants are a mix of denim material and spandex from leggings, genius. These are perfect summer jeans. They look like jeans so you can pair them with whatever the occasion is. If the occasion is more formal put on a pair of heels. If it’s more laid back put on a pair of sandals. Jeggings are versatile and can keep up with you while your on the go the summer.

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10. Cuffed

These summer jeans are great because you can style them like capris. This will let your ankles breathe as well as show off your kicks. The style of these jeans can be handmade so that you can determine how much leg you want to flaunt. These jeans are starting to trend so you will be able to find a pair already cuffed in the mall, just for you. While you are flaunting those legs please don’t wear socks but if you must make sure they are ankle socks. High socks with these jeans are not a cute look, trust me. With these jeans the more leg that is shown, the better.

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Make one of these summer jeans one of your best friends this season. Drop a comment below and let me know which pair you are going to rock.

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