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5 Summer Hairstyles To Show Off In The Sun

5 Summer Hairstyles To Show Off In The Sun

Do you happen to be lazy but still want to look chic? Check out these low-maintenance haircuts that are also hassel-free!

With Summer approaching, our days of tanning and endless nights will finally be beginning. With this, comes summer hairstyles. We want to look our best for the best days of our lives! With the perfect hairstyle, we can pose in the sand and jump in the pool while always looking fabulous. Here I have 5 summer hairstyles to show off in the sun!

1. Space Buns

While you may have seen space buns usually put on top of a head for space or alien themed parties, but that’s not all that they are good for. While the usual bun is great for getting your hair out of your face while still looking super cute, space buns are a great twist on that look! You can have a great time, free of hair in your face, free to move as you please, and your head will be looking great the whole time! With these two buns on the top of your head, you will be the talk of the town.

5 Summer Hairstyles To Show Off In The Sun

2. Scarf in the Hair

Scarves have been used on top of women’s heads for many years. Whether it’s as a hijab, to keep their hair back in a convertible, or to use as an accessory, it has always been making us beautiful women even more beautiful. Now, you can use a scarf in many different ways. As a hair tie, like a bandana, around the neck, thread it through your braid, or tie it around your bun. However you decide to use it, it will spice up your look and make you look super classy.

5 Summer Hairstyles To Show Off In The Sun

3. Half Up Half Down

Ariana Grande’s original hairstyle: the half up half down ponytail. While she has moved on to a long – very long – ponytail, that doesn’t mean the half up half down pony is any less beautiful. With this hairstyle, you have a great way of keeping your hair out of your face for all of those outdoor activities, while still having part of your hair down and looking fantastic, flowing in the wind, and glowing in the sun! And, hinting back to our last hairstyle, you can add a scarf to this look to add a little bit of sass. With this hairstyle, you can “Break Free” just like Ariana Grande.

5 Summer Hairstyles To Show Off In The Sun

4. Fishtail Pony

A ponytail is the perfect summer hairstyle. On a hot day, you keep your hair out of the way and off of your neck, keeping you cool while you’re out in the hot sun. But why not give this classic look a twist? After tying your hair up into a ponytail, turn the “tail” into a fishtail braid. This way, you can enjoy a cool breeze on your neck while knowing that you look amazing all day. People will think it is hard looking as beautiful as you do, believing that beauty is pain, but you and I will know that you will be looking beautiful with no pain whatsoever. Show off your beautiful hair this summer!

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5 Summer Hairstyles To Show Off In The Sun

5. Braided Pigtails

For our final look, we are going to take it back to preschool. When people hear pigtails, they are usually reminded of little kids, but what they don’t know is that it looks really great on older girls too! While a classic pigtail look might make you look young, braided pigtails will make you look super chic. If you braid your hair up until your neck and then tie it up there so that there are little pigtails coming out, you will look fantastic!

5 Summer Hairstyles To Show Off In The Sun

Did you end up trying any of these hairstyles? Let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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