8 Summer Hairstyles Any Girl Can Rock When Things Get Hot

Figuring out how to style your luscious locks can be very difficult in warmer, humid weather. Luckily, here’s 8 different summer hairstyles perfect for those sunny days!

1. Hair scarves

Keeping your hair all together and looking stylish can be easy accomplished by wearing a cute patterned hair scarf! Wearing a hair scarf is cute year-round but depending on the pattern, it can be a bright addition to your outfit. By simply putting your hair in a low ponytail, or even a messy bun with the hair scarf, you can rock this easy summer hairstyle!

2. Double French braids

This easy way to keep your hair out of your face also looks effortlessly fierce. Keeping it casual, double french braids can be worn throughout your day and even overnight. If you wear them overnight, you can wake up with perfect beach waves! Don’t know how to French braid hair? There’s plenty of tutorials that can be found and followed on YouTube!

3. Space buns

This rendition of the famous hairstyle iconically worn by legendary Princess Leia makes your summer hairstyle less galaxy chic, but casually cute and playful. You can choose to either twist your hair away from your face like in the photo below, or braid your hair in double French braids like the previous hairstyle and end each side half-way by placing them in messy buns instead of continuing all the way down.

4. Loose single braid

This timeless summer hairstyle projects the message that you didn’t try too hard to look cute today. One single braid tied with a loose scrunchy definitely adds to the “effortless” aesthetic this hairstyle goes for! You can easily imitate this look in minutes, which is perfect for those days you just want to get up and go.

5. Half-up top knot

This summer hairstyle is also easy to wear in minutes! If you have on-trend medium length hair, then this style is perfect for you. It can easily be accomplished by tying up the outer half of your hair with a cute scrunchy or using bobby pins too.

6. Single Side braid

A festival-ready hairstyle is perfect for those summer vibes! Just like the others, you can easily accomplish this hairstyle in no time. It gives off a cute and casual boho aesthetic which is perfect for warm sunny days spent outdoors.

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7. High ponytails

This hairstyle is perfect for the summer, and even year-round if you’re Ariana Grande! Easily keeping your hair out of the way can keep you cool. Like the first hairstyle suggests, adding a hair scarf can instantly spruce up this classic and efficient hairstyle. You can easily match your hair scarf or scrunchy with a sundress, effortlessly perfecting your summer aesthetic!

8. Loose beach waves

By far the hairstyle that screams ‘summer’ the most is by letting your hair free in waves! Although this type of summer hairstyle isn’t anything new, you can still definitely channel your inner Donna from Mamma Mia when you let your wavy hair blow in the summer ocean breeze. Probably the easiest style to do, you can accomplish loose beach waves by keeping your hair in braids overnight and unleash them the next morning. You can also rely on using a thin curling wand, ideally less than one inch, to do the job by curling small pieces of hair, alternating the direction of the curl. To lock-in your summer hairstyle and keep it from being frizzy in humidity, you can also purchase a texturizing wave spray!

Which one’s your favorite summer hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/bridget/
Hayley Heramia

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