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8 Summer Hair Trends For Curly Hair

8 Summer Hair Trends For Curly Hair

8 Summer Hair Trends For Curly Hair

The summertime can be great, but it can also suck when you have long hair and it sticks to shoulders from all the sweating your gonna be doing. Down below are 8  summer hairstyles you’re gonna love this summer.

1. Messy Bun

This is usual, go to one of the summer hair trends I feel,  for me anyways . Especially because it can look so cute as if you put no work into it when really you did. First, you start by making sure your hair is dry for this in order to have volume. Next, your gonna put it into a high ponytail. This next part is optional but in order to have some nice volume, you can sort of pull up some of your hair in the front from the ponytail to make it look more lifted. Now your going to take a second elastic and start putting your hair into a high ponytail again, wrap it once and then on the second turn don’t pull your hair all the way through, allow it to sort of make a small bun and then your gonna secure it by looping your elastic around it, as if you were making another bun. I hope that part didn’t sound too tricky, there are tons of tutorials online if this did. Lastly, your gonna make sure its pulled through but in a way that you still have a big section of hair hanging out. Now your gonna take this section of hair and wrap it around the bottom of your messy bun and start pinning it down. It should look very messy but cute.

8 summer hair trends for curly hair

2. The Long high ponytail

This is another favorite, but sometimes I hate how it can leave my hair looking so short, here’s a tip on how to have your hair looking longer in a high ponytail. First, you start by, taking a big section of your hair towards the front, you do this by putting your fingers on either side of your head behind your hair and bringing them up to collect the hair. Bring that to the top of your hair and tie it up into a high ponytail. With the rest of your hair, you gonna bring that together and tie that into a ponytail that isn’t as high at the first but is about 3 fingers away from the first. After you have made sure there both tied correctly and secure start messing them together in order to help your hair be able to move as one together. I hope you enjoyed this one of the summer hair trends that gonna have you rocking that long pony.

8 summer hair trends for curly hair

3. Braids

I love getting my hair out of my face, especially when I have 2 cute braids on either side. This probably brings back kindergarten vibes for you when your mother would probably give you two braids. But it soo cute when you bring it back or even in spice it up to be 2 fishtail braids or even 2 dutch braids.

8 summer hair trends for curly hair

4. Princess pigtails

I personally don’t know a name for them, but this is how they look to me and there adorable. Basically, your gonna take 2 sections of hair on one side of your face and begin twisting them around each other, every time you twist you add more hair from the back section. After it’s twisted all the way to the end of your hair your gonna take an elastic and tie your ponytail. It should look like the picture below.

8 summer hair trends for curly hair

5. The top knot

I feel this is one of the best summer hair trends if you want your hair to be out of your face but you still want it out. You basically take a big section from the front of your hair and wrap it around into a very neat top knot on the top of you’re head. You can pin it into place if you want to keep it neater.

8 summer hair trends for curly hair

6. Space buns

I’ve heard a friend use this term before when she wore them to class one day. There these very cute buns on the sides of your head. You just separate your hair down the middle and create two buns on top of you’re head on either side. You can pin them down to hold them more into place. Sometimes adding flowers or beads can accentuate them. This is one of those summer hair trends you may have seen in the movies or around town, so why not try it out for yourself.

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8 summer hair trends for the summer

7. The braided headband

This is a summer hair trend you need to try, especially if your going to an event and want something to add to your hair when you wanna wear it out, this is a go to. your gonna start by taking the front section of your hair and pulling it back away from your face. You need to twist the hair one time and then pin it. It’s going to be more secure then that trust me! Now reach from behind your ear and grab a nice size piece of hair and start braiding it all the way down, do that with the other side as well. Lastly, wrap each one over your head and pin it down behind your ear.

8 summer hair trends for curly hair

8. The princess crown

This is a look I tend to do myself almost all the time in the spring/summer. I basically love my hair down but don’t like it in my face, and this look takes half the amount of time most of these do. Basically, your gonna take a section of hair from each side of your hair and either twists each one of braiding them. Then you’re going to take the end of each piece of hair and pull it to the back of your head and wrap them around each other. I normally take a small elastic and tie them and attempt to loop them around the middle of where the ends meet in order to hide it. It’s very simple and it’s one of the summer hair trends I’ll definitely wear a lot this summer.

8 summer hair trends for curly hair

I hope you enjoyed these summer hair trends. I look forward to your go-to summer hairstyle in the comments down below and if you plan on trying out one of these looks.

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