Summer Hair Care Tips You Need To Be Following

In need of summer hair care tips? Now that we’ll all be spending more time outdoors, we definitely want to be able to look our best, especially our hair. Here are some tips to have your hair be healthy and flowing all summer long.

1. Summer hats

Hats just might be your new best friend this summer. With the sun’s ray becoming more vibrant and powerful during the summer, you’ll want to protect your hair now more than ever. Luckily, there are plenty of summer hats that will have you looking stylish at all times. You should definitely go for hats with a wider brim so that your entire head is covered, meaning your hair will constantly be covered in the shade. Of course, you don’t have to wear one at all times, especially if the sun is not shining completely. This is one of the most practical summer hair care tips, but one that will definitely keep your hair protected and less likely to be damaged from the sun. Plus, you’ll not only be protecting your hair but the skin on the tips of the ears and scalp. Let your hair down with a summer hat or tie it up in a baseball cap to look great all throughout summer. Summer Hair Care Tips You Need To Be Following

2. Wash your hair!

This is one of the summer hair care tips that work all year long. Be sure to wash your hair regularly in order to keep it strong and healthy. There are plenty of hair care products out there so make sure you pick the ones that you know are ideal for your hair’s needs. Yes, your hair has needs and its best to listen to whatever it needs. It’s also important to remember hair care tips that are needed for your specific texture of hair. Straight hair definitely has different needs than curly, so do what’s best for your hair. It’s also best not to wash it every single day, but more every other day. Since we definitely want to keep our hair looking great, we don’t want to overdo it by washing too often. Keeping your hair regularly washed also helps protect against frizzy hair. Summer means humidity, and it can get annoying try to keep the frizz to a minimum. Yet, sometimes it still happens. We can only do our best.


3. Remove that chlorine

Since summer is the time to be taking dips in the pool, that can do some damage depending on how often you go swimming in the summer. Chlorine can leave hair brittle and dried out for those who spend a lot of time in pools. Not to mention, the smell can linger for a while. There’s nothing really we can do about it since it is a necessary chemical to be kept in the water. Yet there are things we can do to protect our hair. Once you leave the water, always take a shower either in the locker rooms or as soon as you get home. If you are concerned about damage chlorine can do to your hair, try out shampoos that will remove it from your hair. These shampoos are designed to replenish the natural oils to make your hair return to its natural texture rather than being tough or coarse. If you know that you will want to spend as much time as possible swimming at the pool this summer, it might be worth it to add these shampoos to your hair care routine. The same can be said for swimming at the beach with the amount of salt in the water. Basically, make sure your hair is hydrated as much as possible!

4. Skip the straightener

In the summer, there’s already so much heat you don’t need to add any more to your hair. Straighteners among other tools like curling irons and flat irons that use heat should probably be kept to a minimum during the summer season. Unless it’s being used for special occasions, try going a day or two without straightening your hair. The same goes for hairdryers which use hot air to do the job which can lead to damage if done frequently. Instead, try leaving your hair alone and let it do its natural thing as it dries. By putting your hair in a bun or ponytail at night before bed, your hair will be left in a nice natural wave by the time you wake up. Summer Hair Care Tips You Need To Be Following

5. Sunscreen

Yes, sunscreen is something essential for your skin to protect yourself from the plentiful UV rays. The same goes for your hair. As mentioned, the sun’s rays become more intense in the summer and you will be more likely to be spending time outdoors. With that said, precautions should definitely be taken when it comes to your hair which includes sunscreen or some kind of sun protection. These types of hair care products can come in the form of mist or gel, so be sure to apply to your hair before going out the door. By applying sunscreen to your hair, you are also protecting the skin of your scalp which you wouldn’t think needs protecting but still does. It is skin after all.

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6. Summer trim

Once summer first arrives, you can definitely get in the right state of mind by getting your hair cut. Your hair will be less likely to get damaged if you have less of it on your head, to begin with, right? Getting a trim can be refreshing and definitely can signal a new beginning of sorts after a long drawn out winter indoors. This gives you a chance to get rid of the hair that might already be damaged or annoying split ends. The length of your pre-summer trim is up to you whether you want to snip off a couple inches or get a cute summer bob. Either way, hair tends to grow faster during the summer and late spring after the dead of winter. This is a great thing if you want to keep things fresh with your hair during the summer. Summer Hair Care Tips You Need To Be Following

What tips do you have for keeping your hair looking amazing in the summer? Let us know your hair care secrets in the comments!

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