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10 Summer Food Hot Spots In Toronto

10 Summer Food Hot Spots In Toronto

Toronto is a city with so much culture especially in the food industry. Because the cold weather prevents us from basically leaving our homes, summer is the perfect time for us to venture out and explore that culture. Here are 10 summer food hot spots you got to check out this summer.

1. Seven Lives

Taco Tuesday just gets better as the weather gets warmer. This Downtown Toronto restaurant is giving you another reason to celebrate Tuesdays. Located at 69 Kensington Avenue, this taco restaurant is located in the heart of the thrift district. Stop by for lunch while doing a little summer thrifting this year.

2. Junked Food Co.

Junked Food Co. is located on 507 Queen Street West and is in the booming centre of the city. This establishments menu is perfect for quenching those unhealthy summer cravings and indulging in all that summer has to offer. From deep fried Mac and Cheese to a fully stocked ice cream bar this place is every carb lovers dream.


3. Sweet Jesus

Originally popular for its unique name, this ice cream parlour is open all year round so that the most Canadian of Canadians can indulge in their delicious menu. Sweet Jesus’ main establishment is located at 106 John street, the entertainment district, but has grown to become a chain in the GTA. This ice cream parlour offer ice cream with extremely unique toppings.

4. El Furniture

El Furniture is every person on a budgets dream. Everything on the menu is five dollars. Yeah you heard me. 5 DOLLARS. The food is also quite good, with sky rocketing reviews this establishment has two locations both located in downtown central Toronto. The perfect hipster vibe with string lights and a dark atmosphere is perfect for a summer lunch in down town Toronto.

5. Frans

Frans is historical here in Toronto. With two location also both in down town Toronto, this 1950’s diner serves all day breakfast as well as an array of other pub food. The best part about this chain is its atmosphere. With Bubblegum coloured booths and red and mint green bar stools, this restaurant will transport you back into the Grease days.


6.  Dutch dreams

Dutch Dreams is probably Toronto’s most unique ice cream parlour. The interior looks like the owners belong on the show hoarders. It’s walls are plastered in Swedish memorabilia and candy decorations. Not one inch of the buildings paint is visible. While this place is a little more uptown then the rest it is easily accessible by subway and offers a unique array of ice cream flavours and cones.

7. Booyah

Booyah is another ice cream parlour competing for the top spot in Toronto. This establishment is a little smaller usually causing a line to build up outside and down the street so make sure you visit on a day where you don’t mind being outside for a little. This ice cream shop is one of the few places that offers vegan options. I recommend their captain crunch flavour between two chocolate chip cookies!

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8. Lab Sense

Yet again we have another famous Toronto ice cream shop…this time with a twist. Lab Sense located again in Downtown Toronto sells ice cream with wait for it…. nitrogen inside. It’s 100% safe and the even cooler part is you see them make the ice-cream right in front of you! How that for a Summer Food Hot Spots?

9. Harvest Kitchen

Harvest Kitchen is one of Toronto’s most famous locations for vegetarian and Vegan options. This plant based restaurant has a beautiful patio where guests can enjoy the summer while nibbling on their favourite veggies and sipping on their favourite cocktails.

10. Cherry St Bar-B-Que

Cherry St Bar-B-Que is situated inside a former bank of Toronto giving the pub like place an interesting vibe. Their menu includes anything you could ever think of being served at an outdoor BBQ!


What do you think about these Summer Food Hot Spots? Will you be trying any this summer?

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