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Top 10 Summer Festivals You Definitely Want To Check Out

Top 10 Summer Festivals You Definitely Want To Check Out

The amount of Festivals that go on in summer can be ridiculous. And unfortunately, most of us cant make all of them, or even most of them. But to save you some time, here’s the top 10 list of festivals you definitely want to check out.

1) Sasquatch Music Festival, Quincy, Washington

Festivals all have various whacky and crazy-sounding names, and Sasquatch in Washington is no different. while this isn’t as well-known of a festival amongst the usual lists, this is an absolutely great option for those looking to spice up their summer with some musical entertainment. Plus, the great thing about this festival, is that it isn’t overly out of control. I know, bummer, right? No, that’s not what I mean, what I’m simply saying is that this festival isn’t as big or well known as I mentioned. It still draws a crowd and is a great place to listen to some killer bands, but it doesn’t come with as much hassle as some other festivals in my opinion.

Top 10 Summer Festivals You Definitely Want To Check Out

2) Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Manchester, Tennessee

Art and entertainment await you when choosing this option over other Festivals. Bonnaroo is a popular visit for many various mainstream artists and sees plenty of action throughout the summer months from people all over the states. On top of this, it houses a handful of other attractions that are sure to give you a nice wide variety of festival planning options.

3) Electric Forest Festival, Rothbury, Michigan

Festivals can involve nature? You bet your music-loving self they can! This festival is known for being quite the show off when it comes to visuals, alongside a more indie inspired lineup of musicians. The festival itself is out in the woods and celebrates the natural appeal of the local scenery alongside a plethora of colors and fireworks to really give you a visual experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

4) Bumbershoot, Washington

Festivals for the family are few and far between, but Bumbershoot aims to please with its wide assortment of family-friendly musicians and other attractions. Whether you’re looking for music, art, or just fun side attractions to keep your kids invested while you jam out to some solid tunes, this festival has it all ready for you. Known to be one of the most contemporary attractions in the US to date, this is definitely a place with a solid reputation. Not to mention a great experience for younger audiences to really get a feel for music without being overly exposed from the start of their festival going careers.

5) Firefly Music Festival, Delaware

If you’re looking for Festivals that cater to your every need, this one might give you a run for your money. Satisfying food stalls, grounds that you can camp on, and four days of non-stop music playing from all of your favorite artists. What more could you possibly want?

Top 10 Summer Festivals You Definitely Want To Check Out

6) Lollapalooza, Chicago, Illinois

Now in terms of festivals, its kind of hard to not bring up Lollapalooza at some point in the conversation. Known to be one of the craziest festivals in the dead center of one of the most bustling cities in the states, this one has a reputation behind it. The crowds are enormous and the artists are always the best of the best. Lollapalooza is almost like a right of passage for any and all individuals that consider themself well versed when it comes to Festivals.

7) Movement Electronic Music Festival, Detroit, Michigan

Have you ever seen a forest blown up with LEDs and music? No? Then you absolutely have to go to the movement electronic festival and get your fix for electronic music. An entire forest houses this festival and is lit up brighter than the fourth of July while EDM constantly blares into the night as people jam out and have a great time. The great part about this event compared to other festivals is the atmosphere. It really takes you out of your usual headspace in terms of where you are and gives you a sense of sensory overload with all the lights and sounds blaring into the night.

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8) Coachella, California

Another well-known festival among other festivals, that raws plenty of crowd and has some of the most classic artists you can think of when it comes to mainstream rock. Among other genres of music, Coachella is sure to have something of interest for anyone given the fact that it is a frequent haunt to many business celebrities. So besides meeting your favorite bans and listening to their music, you might also get to meet some famous people along the way. Just saying, if you’re into scoring some autographs while you jam out, this might be the option for you.

9) What the Festival, Oregon

If you’d like to see some comedy among this list of Festivals, then this is the choice for you. Another location where you can do some camping among the woods while chilling out in wide-open spaces jamming out to your favorite artists blaring music across the entire expanse of the festival. Then if you want o just chill out for a while, they even have a few comedians come during this particular festival to keep people entertained while the artists take a load off from playing throughout the night.

10) Burning Man, Black Rock, Nevada

In terms of Festivals having a sense of adventure, this one takes the entire cake. Taking place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert you’ll find art installations, theme camps and villages all centered around the theme of the year. You’ll get to see huge installations depicting expression and community vibes as you experience one of a kind sights and music with other festival-goers. The theme for 2020 centers around the popular idea of the multiverse that is so prevalent in our mainstream culture currently. We see it in tv shows and other popular media and all consider it to me an idealism of possibility. With that in mind, who’s to say what Burning Man this year will be like?

Top 10 Summer Festivals You Definitely Want To Check Out

Care to throw down in the comments which Festivals are better than others? Go for it! I’d love to hear some of your experiences and compare notes on which festivals are the best to visit.

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