7 Summer Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Love

7 Summer Eyeshadow Looks You'll Love

It’s the hottest time of the year, so why not take advantage of it with new eyeshadow looks? Below is a list of seven summer eyeshadow looks that are perfect for any seasonal activity. Some are bold, others are more subtle meaning you’ll definitely find a look that suits you.

1. Natural With A Pop Of Color

This look is natural with a twist. It incorporates colors from your favorite nude eyeshadow palette with a pop of color. Summertime is a great opportunity to experiment with colors you wouldn’t normally touch, like yellows or oranges. Although this yellow is more subtle, like the shade of a sunrise, it still will make your eye look standout. This can be done as a cut crease or if you really want a look that seems to melt effortlessly together simply blend it all. Your eye will perfectly resemble the rising sun.

7 Summer Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Love

2. Dripping

Gloss isn’t just for your lips anymore. This is a bold look but it technically only would require three products, four tops with mascara. Highlight your brow bone with a color best suited for your skin and then add a peachy color all of your lid reaching up to just below the brow. From there get creative with the gloss. If an all over shine is too intimidating you can always just add the gloss in them middle of your eyelid for an unexpected pop.

7 Summer Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Love

3. Neon Yellow

This isn’t just an eyeshadow look, it’s an intense eyeliner look. Summer is a perfect time to try out neon colors, especially neon yellow. With this look you can either go as bold as the picture below or you can simply line your top lashes with an intense cat eye. The great thing with this cat eye look is that because it is so bold you won’t have to worry about doing the rest of your face. The juxtaposition of the neon yellow with a nude face will make you look makeup-guru status.

7 Summer Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Love

4. Ocean Blue

Summer and a beautiful ocean are almost synonymous with each other. If you’re wanting to recreate the crystal blue water on your eyes consider the below. Sometimes blue looks can look icy but by incorporating browns at the crease and up to the brow will instead make it look like the sea rather than frozen water. This summer eyeshadow look is perfect if you’re planning on going on a date or something a bit more formal during these next few months. Complete it with a thin wing, beautiful false lashes and a creamy nude lip.

7 Summer Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Love

5. Sunset

This look will help you recreate a beautiful sunset. The rich yellow fading from orange, red to a deep purple will make people do a double take. These colors look great on everyone, especially people with a deeper complexion. Use a magenta or pink in the crease to bring all of the colors together. Create a cut crease and lay down a vibrant yellow, gold color. From there blend in a blood orange eyeshadow to a cat eye purple.

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7 Summer Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Love

6. Pink

This baby pink cut crease is everything. This summer eyeshadow look is so subtle that it will go well with any outfit, from casual to even a formal look. Although simple it is anything from ordinary. This look will allow you to dip into all of the rich pinks and oranges in your palettes that you normally don’t touch throughout the year. The sparkling inner eye and frayed out bottom lash color makes this look also effortlessly cool.

7 Summer Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Love

7. Subtle Orange

A subtle light orange lid is just a step above nude. The key for this look is to find an orange eyeshadow that is just a few shades darker than your actual skin. From there blend it into your crease ever so slightly. This summer eyeshadow look will have people do a double take because it is so subtle.

7 Summer Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Love

What eyeshadow looks are you going to try? Comment below!

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