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Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Everyday Life

Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Everyday Life


Summer vacation is finally here! No more early morning lectures or late-night study sessions, no more heavy textbooks and printer malfunctions, no more stupid questions and having to carry the group project. It’s time for sunrises at the beach, bonfires by the lake, tanning by the pool, hiking in the woods, movie marathons, friends forever selfies, and summer flings. After the craziness of 2020 – COVID-19, quarantine, online school, etcetera – we all deserve a self-care summer! It is time to relax, recharge, have fun, and make some memories.

All American Girl

Here is an all-natural summer eyeshadow look that will enhance your beautiful features. Using all neutral earth shades, you play into the natural coloring of your face and the different tones of your skin. Use the darkest brown or warm black in the corner and in the crease, then you have a lighter brown and cream across the lid, with a soft highlight of white on the brow bone and inner corner, and done! Perfect for those who are hesitant to use colors or are looking for something subtle, this summer eyeshadow look is pretty perfect. From a day at the beach to a summer internship, this will work for all occasions.


Step It Up A Notch

Going off of the last one, here is a more complex version of the all-natural summer eyeshadow look. With the addition of a subtle gold shimmer, this look is a bolder way to get through your everyday activities. Starting with the neutrals, you follow the same pattern with the earth tones. Darker brown or warm black by the lashes and in the crease, with lighter browns and creams across the lid and to highlight the brow. Then, the gold brings a playful and sunny finishing touch. Whether you are going to brunch with the girls or date night with your man, this is a great way to go!


Peach Sunrise

If you are a fan of the all-natural look but want to branch out just a little to either something softer or with color, doing the same process with pink can do wonders. With the boom of rose gold, there are many different summer eyeshadow looks possible with neutrals and pinks. E.L.F. Cosmetics actually makes an eyeshadow palette called “Nude Rose Gold” and it has everything you would need! With dark and light pink, white, and cream for highlight, both a sparkly rose gold and a sparkly mauve shade, you can start experimenting with color for everyday looks. Pink is also a great choice because it brings out the natural rouge in your cheeks and is complimentary to all eye colors!

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Oh, Mean Girls… what a classic! I think there is a little part of all of us that wanted to be Regina George. Well, here is a summer eyeshadow look to go with her pink and fabulous style. Stepping out of the realm of natural and more into the idea of fun and flirty, using a bright pink across the lid is a perfect way to draw attention to your eyes. Match that pink to your favorite bikini and you will be the hit of the pool party and have fashionable Instagram stories!


Be A Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World

“Imagination, life is your creation!” Bring forth the glamour in this pink summer eyeshadow look. Perfect for a YouTube tutorial or Instagram story, it is an easy enough look that anyone can try it. With a fully sparkly rose gold lid, you only need a slight shadow in the crease and highlight in the corner. Perfect for any summer fling or vacation with the girls, embrace all the girly and fantastic parts of your everyday life! 


Pastel Princess

If pink is not your thing, no problem! Here is a fresh lavender shade to bring out your inner queen. Still just as soft and feminine in color, this summer eyeshadow look is just as bright and bold. Using pastel purples and blues, there is almost an iridescent shimmer to your lid, perfect for family gatherings or days at the spa. Every day and every night, you can rock this look with regal confidence. 

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Be Bold, Be You

Sometimes the best way to compliment your outfit or attitude is to add a bold and fierce color to your neutral palette. With this summer eyeshadow look, you start with the earth tone base and add a dash – or should I say slash – of a defiant and vibrant color. If this really is a self-care summer, do not be afraid to wear whatever makeup you want. Add to your already budding confidence by knowing your makeup flawless.

Emerald Isle

Bring a little luck your way! One of my favorite things about summer is how green the world becomes. From the thick canopy of trees giving you shade to the bright blades of grass you run through, green is one of the defining colors of the season. So, let us bring green into this summer eyeshadow look! Whether you are as solid and adventurous as the image above, or more subtle and melding it with neutral tones, green is a color that looks good on anyone, any day. 


Shine Bright, Shine Far

Shine like the sun, baby! With this last summer eyeshadow look, you can be bright like The Sun sparkling across ocean waters. Gold eyeshadow will really complement your summer tan and is a fun and glamorous way to bring sparkle into your outfit. 


We all know that we do our makeup for ourselves, so why not have fun? Do not let those summer days drift away without trying these everyday summer eyeshadow looks! Make treating yourself to new, bright, and colorful eyeshadow palettes part of your #SelfCareSummer. Comment below on other summer makeup ideas and keep an eye out on Society19 for more summer fun!