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10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

Do you want some summer looks for dark skin that will become your new favorites? Personally, this is a lot of fun for me to write about cause I never really tried to expand my eyeshadow looks from gold and brown, and now I’m inspired to try out more looks, as I hope I will inspire you guys to branch out your looks.

1. Sunset eyeshadow

I love this summer eyeshadow look. It really has that sunset effect and gives your eyes that glow that will really pop and bring out the best glow over your eyes, especially if your face has that nice summer tan.

10 summer eyeshadow looks for dark skin

2. Golden Beauty Eyeshadow

I feel like is such a cute going outlook. Imagine rocking this out at the club or a beach party this summer. It’s not only fun but also has the type of look that can be serious if you’re going somewhere a little more formal this summer.

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

3. Spring Green Eyeshadow

I know this may be more springing, but may is basically a summer month that just left spring so why not rock this out in may. embrace that overall green hue on your eyes and wear it out to lunch. I think it would be even cuter with a yellow summer dress and your hair out, just picture it.

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

4. Drama Queen eye look

This eye look looks like a drama queen, with the full lashes and etc. I feel this would be cute going to a beach party in that new bikini you picked out. Personally, I don’t really like wearing makeup at those occasions cause I like to swim, but I have lots of friends who don’t really and just embrace their full face of makeup with a cute bikini.

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

5. Sunglow Eyeshadow

Lots of events are gonna be happening this summer, club type, vacation getaways. I feel this is the perfect shiny look to embrace your pretty eyes.

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

6. Flower Power Eyeshadow

This is the kind of look I would jump to wear. I love pinky shades in the summer and spring. I would wear this to lunch or even just going out in the day. Imagine rocking some really cute hairstyle while also rocking this flower power eyeshadow look, I mean it looks like I would describe the color as a flower blooming.

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

7. Nude Girl Eyeshadow

I’m a fan of nude colors, so I would even wear this type of lookout especially if I wanted to rock a bold lip. Not only would this be cute for every day, like a quick trip to the store, etc.

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10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

8. Diva Girl Eyeshadow

This definitely has that sunset appearance with a bit of an edge. So this would be a cute going outlook, and could even be the best eye look if you were going out in the day and then gonna party at night.

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

9. Rainbow Lady Eyeshadow

I wouldn’t recommend this for every day, I know there are a lot of parades that occur in the summer, and I think this is one of the perfect looks to rock, especially at pride parade that’s coming up, so if you couldn’t find your eye look, here you go!

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

10. Going Out Tonight Eyeshadow Look

There’s no doubt that your not gonna be turning up, whether its a night club or even a house party, this is the perfect night out eye look when you’re gonna wear that sexy outfit you just when you went shopping with you’re friends. So try this eye lookout for size and your gonna feel sassy.

10 Summer Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin

I hope you enjoyed these eye looks for the summer season if you have dark skin, I feel these looks will also look good on a light complexion, so everyone feels free to try them out and let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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