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Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You'll Love

Eyeliner trends have revolutionized since past years as we enter into an age of makeup where technical advancements within formula developments have created an insanely vast amount of unexampled products. The wide range of products has increased the variety of ways makeup is being used, turning this point of beauty into an art form. Professional makeup artists and amateurs alike have showcased extremely unique and unthought of makeup designs that are breaking boundaries in the beauty community. Makeup has become a tool of self-expression that gives individuals the freedom to design themselves in any creative way possible.

Customize your makeup routine this summer with these out-of-the-ordinary eyeliner trends.

1. Avant-Garde Lines

Cutting-edge eyeliner designs that are ahead of this time can transform your eyes into works of art. Dramatic edges mixed with leveling widths create intense depths and deconstructed shapes. This eyeliner trend strongly promotes the use of creativity and imagination so that designs are undoubtedly unique to the artist painting them on their face or others. In addition, the application of various color and uncommon spacing are prevalent traits for the avant-garde eye look. This eyeliner trend breaks conventional beauty boundaries and expectations with unexpected displays fueled by Pop and Modern art.

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

2. Smudged Under Eye

Soft, subtle, smudging of eyeliner creates a delicate eye look to complete any comfy and casual summer look. Smudging velvety colors under the eye add supple drama to a makeup look. This look is very simple to do and can be adjusted to your personal preference by applying more or less or only applying to the top or bottom of the eye.

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

3. Graphic Cat Eye

A twist on the classic cat eye, this progressive eyeliner trend takes the original design to a spacious extreme. Use this eyeliner look as a unique way to stand out among the crowd of normal makeup.

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

4. Layered Pastel Lines

Subliminal pastels paired with soft layered lines are used to develop this delicately sweet yet fierce eyeliner look.

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

5. Rectangle Wings

Blunt the edge of winged eyeliner to create a geometric eye look. This eyeliner trend combines structured edges with elegance, generating a look of strength and subliminal beauty. The use of different colors to achieve this look can be used to manifest different emotions that flow with your outfit and hairstyle to finish a completed look.

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

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6.  Thick & White

Not only does the white colored intensify and brighten any eye look, but it also creates a bold and graphic outline of your natural eye shape to accentuate your natural beauty. Adding thickness to this already magnified color strengthens the dramatics of the look boosting the focus on your eyes. This trend is easy to create and can be personalized with a soft matte shadow.

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

7. Unique Shaping

This eyeliner trend is one of the most unique forms of makeup art. The use of unique shaping can be created by applying lines of varying widths and lengths in uncanny areas of your lid results in an unwaveringly unique design. Combine sharp and soft edges for added depth and exciting transformation across the entire eye. This eyeliner trend turns your face into a piece of moving, breathing art.

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

8.  Bright Neons

Bright neon colors add fun and flirty vibes to any summertime outfit. This bright eye look is for the more daring makeup artists that want to spice up their everyday routine. Using neons can be taken can take your look to the extreme is sure to catch attention.

Top 8 Summer Eyeliner Trends You’ll Love

Try out these popular summer eyeliner look to add variety to your everyday makeup routine. Comment your favorite trend down below.

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