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Top 10 Summer Drinks You Have To Have

Top 10 Summer Drinks You Have To Have

Summer drinks are meant to be a refreshing reprieve from the sweltering sun of Summer. Otherwise, drinking during this time of the year can lead to being hot and overly red in the face. Don’t let that be you, here are the top 10 Summer drinks you have to have.

1)  Margarita

Summer drinks as I mentioned above, are all in the same line of necessity as being tasty, and refreshing. Thus, the first drink in our list is the classic Margarita with all its icy coolness and citrusy accents. This is a sure-fire cocktail to add to your list of amazing Summer drinks to have at parties. Plus, this particular drink has many different varieties of flavors and combinations that will be sure to please any kind of picky guest that may show up to your back yard barbeque.

Top 10 Summer Drinks You Have To Have

2) Bahama Mamma

Fruit juice, but with multiple liqueurs. If that sounds like an appealing idea to add to your list of Summer drinks, then this is absolutely the drink for you. This drink is a little bit more on the complex side of cocktails simply because of many recipes containing various combinations of liqueur to make this masterpiece happen. Either way, in terms of Summer drinks, this is one that is fun to say and will be sure to be a catchy slogan to all drinkers at your bar or party.

3) Blue Heaven

The immediate draw to this number is the intense blue color. You look at this drink and you can’t help thinking of the clear blue of a lagoon off of some beach somewhere. On top of that, this is one of those drinks that just has those citrus and sweet notes that will make you feel the energy of Summer, even if it may not be anywhere close to that time of year. Furthermore, like most Summer drinks, there are little points of finesse you can add to this drink to give it that much more of an impact on the drinker. Some recipes add elderflower liquor alongside the blue curaçao and vodka, giving it even more of a tropical vibe.

4) Caribbean Breeze

Summer drinks with multiple fruit juices? Yeah, you’re in the right place with this one then. With combinations of pineapple and cranberry juice accompanied by various fruity liqueurs, this drink si sure to be a tasty option to add to your repertoire.

5) Breakfast Martini

If you’re a fan of gin, and you’re a fan of marmalade, then of all these Summer drinks, I think I just found your new best friend. These drinks are incredibly easy to toss back with their sweet citrus notes followed by the usual herb forward taste of gin. Now of course, if you have guests that aren’t big fans of Martini style cocktails, then this might not be the best choice for them. However, I would definitely encourage any drinker to try one of these wonderfully tasty drinks. I think out of any martini, this one has some serious potential to turn a non-martini lover into an exception.

Top 10 Summer Drinks You Have To Have

6) Long Island Iced Tea

It’s impossible to not see the image in your head. Sitting on a shaded porch, leaning back in a rocker or sitting on a swing, and a nice tall glass of iced tea in your hand. Summer drinks that give you that kind of feeling just can’t be ignored am I right? The only difference in this little number is that in that scene of yours, you’re going to be pleasantly buzzed and drinking a stiffer iced tea with multiple liquors in the mix with your ice.

7) Mojito

Sugar, spiced rum, and everything nice….I tried. My failure at comedy aside, Summer drinks don’t get to exist without being compared to the mojito. White rum, mint leaves, sugar. Thats all this drink needs to be an absolute hero at any get together that will have all your guests craving another round of this mixed drink. Plus, it’s a great drink to open with as it is sure to please any number of drinkers that may be present.

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8) Miami Spice

Orange and papaya come in strong and forward with this next addition to our list of Summer drinks. This drink has a little bit more of a fruity/pulpy texture to it and is heavyhanded on the spiced rum involved as the primary spirit. In terms of flavor, this is a drink that I feel like everyone has to sample at least once. But I will say if you like smooth, clear and clean drinks, this one’s texture is going to get to you without a doubt. So keep that in mind before you serve one up to anyone who may be a little picky when it comes to the pulp in their orange juice, cause the same principle applies here.

9) Zombie

The survey is still out as to whether this one is to turn you into a zombie or bring you back from being one after a night of drinking. This particular drink is known to be quite tart and refreshing but comes packing with many different kinds of fruit juices, simple syrups, and liquors.  Definitely not for those looking for simple recipe list Summer drinks.

10) Coco-Cabana

Coconuts and pineapples, summer staples in the tropics, and flavors that always bring us back to summer drinks that could be made. Using a fun combination of fresh coconut creme, Malibu rum, and melon liqueur- this number is sure to kick your summer vibes into high gear. Now really the only downside I can think to mention about this drink is the use of coconut creme in the recipe. Some people have an absolute burning hatred for the taste of coconut, and coconut creme really isn’t something most people have on hand. But if you do like the taste of coconut and find the taste of this cocktail to be delicious, it might just be worth it to keep a steady supply of the ingredients for this tasty drink around for future beverage enthusiasts.

Top 10 Summer Drinks You Have To Have

What do you think of our Summer drinks list? Have any honorable mentions to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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