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6 Summer Drinks To Have All Year Round

6 Summer Drinks To Have All Year Round

Summer may be almost over but that doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking delicious cocktails, fruit ciders or spritz! There’s a whole lot of summer drinks that may seem seasonal but can certainly be made whenever you fancy! We have a fantastic line up of 6 summer drinks that you can enjoy all year round!

1. Aperol Spritz

A timeless classic, an Italian favourite now loved all over the world. Aperol Spritz is perfect for summer evenings but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these neon orange drinks all year round. It’s pretty simple to build too, and doesn’t require any fancy equipment or bartender flair. 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts aperol and 1 part soda- words to live buy! You can also add some additional flavours like a sprig of fresh rosemary, grapefruit wedge or even cranberries! It works great as an aperitif for dinner parties or just after a long day at work. This is one summer drink that you won’t find hard to drink all year round.


2. Negroni- Summer/Winter

Negroni is another one of those classic Italian cocktails that seem to be on every trendy bar cocktail menu everywhere you look. While each bartender ofcourse has their own interpretation on this summer drink, the classic is a combination of  part sweet vermouth, one part gin and one part Campari. While it is quite a strong drink, it does lend itself well to those cooler months when you can relax, sit by the fire place (or in my case, a radiator) with a negroni in your hand. While summer versions of this drink can see the introduction of berries, you can do a festive version over Christmas with star anise, cloves and some burnt orange rind.

3. Gin Spritz

Gin has made a massive comeback in the past year. It’s pretty important to remember the history of Gin- brought to England and became popular in the 18th Century- when it was advised to drink alcohol over water for health and hygiene purposes (what a time, eh?). Gin is now a booming industry with hundreds of new brands selling new and exciting flavours. While gin and tonic still is a firm favourite, a gin spritz is a lovely summer drink that you can enjoy any time of the year. Just replace tonic with some good quality prosecco and customise it to your liking. Add a sprig of rosemary, couple of pink peppercorns, berries, grapefruit, cucumber- it really is a very versatile drink for all months!


4. Arnold Palmer

An Arnold Palmer is such a refreshing summer drink however don’t just restrict yourself to the sunshine! It makes a great drink to serve all year round especially for kids and those that don’t want to drink any alcohol. And if you do want to serve it with alcohol, a shot of bourbon or spiced rum works fantastically. 

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5. Frosé

Frosé has become so popular with rooftop bars and trendy restaurants all serving it in the sunshine through the summer. But it doesn’t need to end just there- Frosé is great as an aperitif for dinner parties all year round. It is a great crowd pleaser with it’s blended rose and berries. You can also change it up by making it watermelon flavoured or even grapefruit and rosemary! 


6. Bellini

Ah, the classic. The drink you can have for breakfast, brunch, lunch, pre-dinner, dinner, post-dinner! Bellini’s are so easy to make and they are the definition of a timeless classic, a summer drink you can truly enjoy no matter rain or shine. While the traditional is a mixture of peach puree and prosecco, you can do a ton of different variations with fresh berries, kiwis, pineapple, watermelon! Perfect for brunch with the girls!

We’re sure you are going to enjoy these amazing drinks no matter what the season. Do you have any other summer drinks you think we can enjoy all year round? Let us know in the comments below!

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