20 Summer Dresses You’ll Want To Live In This Year

Don’t we all look forward to summer dresses, especially after suffering through a notably cold and long winter? Bundling up with three layers of sweaters is nice and shuffling through the crowd in that puffy winter coat is fine. But you are probably dreaming of the day when all you need to wear is a light, summer dress again. Well, you don’t have to dream anymore because summer is here and so are the dresses! Here are 20 summer dresses you will want to live in all summer long!

1. Yellow Tie-Front Dress

A tie-front dress is such a fun and flirty look to have during the summer! The bow is a deceptively simple and innocent detail that draws attention to your cleavage and lets you show off your assets. It’s a great summer look, no matter if you’re looking to spend the day at the beach or heading out for a nice night out in town.

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2. Pink and White Striped Button Dress

Stripes and buttoned dresses are two great trends that are showing up again this summer! Join in on the fun with this striped, buttoned-up dress! The pink and white stripes aren’t as nautical as the typical blue and white stripes so you can also wear it as a transitional dress when you are going from spring and into summer. Just imagine how great this will look at a garden party or by the pool!

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3. Denim Button Dress

There’s nothing like a pair of trusty denim shorts in the summer; you will feel the same way about this denim dress! Jump into the truck for a nice summer day in the countryside or browse the boardwalk shops! This dress can take the strain of a long and hot summer day and still keep going. This is a great dress to take with you on vacation anywhere.

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4. Black Polka Dot Dress

There’s nothing as classically simple as polka dots. If you want a summer dress that will last you year after year, then you need to pick up this polka dot dress! Not only will it look great on your Instagram this summer, but you can still wear it again next summer and it will look just as fresh and current.

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5. Red Floral Maxi Dress

If you want to grab some attention and stop people in their tracks, you need this red, floral maxi dress. Not only is this dress the perfect color to draw everyone’s attention but the flowy material and the slit will add the right amount of dramatic flair to a casual day of walking on the sidewalk and running errands. This dress will turn the streets into your personal catwalk.

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6. Powder Blue Plunge Dress

Who says that simple cannot also be sexy? This powder blue dress doesn’t have any fancy detail, besides a flouncy skirt and a plunging neckline. The solid color lets your fantastic body become the main focus of the entire outfit. This is a terrific dress to wear when you are going on a first date and want to make a memorable and elegant impression!

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7. White Button Dress

This buttoned-up dress can be the updated version of your classic white dress. You will love how comfortable and effortless this dress is. Whether you are just chilling at a backyard party or going on a romantic picnic, this dress will match any occasion and make you look fantastic!

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8. Banana Dress

It’s summer! Incorporating some seasonally appropriate fruit into your wardrobe is a great way to really get into the mood for tropical vacations and long days. Last year, lemons were a popular print in every store. This summer, welcome the bananas as your seasonal fruit of choice and leave those old lemons in the back of your closet!

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9. Ruffled White Dress

This ruffled white dress is the perfect white dress for a true girly girl. You will love all the frills and layers. The details of this dress will make you tempted to constantly twirl because twirling lets everyone see all the ruffles and the layers billow and sway. With a great pair of heels, this outfit will be complete and you will look girly and gorgeous!

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10. Long Sleeve Chiffon Maxi

If you thought long sleeves and long dresses were just for the fall and winter, you thought wrong. This long sleeve maxi dress is perfect for summertime! Despite the amount of fabric, the summer heat won’t bother you. The chiffon material is light and airy and you will be surprised at how comfortably cool you are even though you are so covered-up.

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11. Yellow Side Button Dress

Buttoned up dresses have been trending since last year. If you want an updated buttoned-up dress, you should grab this one before it sells out! This yellow dress is not only fun and sassy but you will love how the buttons run across your body. This detail takes last year’s trend and gives it a fresher and newer update.

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12. Pink Cherry Dress

Incorporate some retro fun into your wardrobe this summer with this cherry dress. Not only does this dress have some seasonally appropriate fruit but it also throws your style back into the 50s. You will feel like a modern pin-up girl in this dress with this print!

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13. White Crochet Dress

If you want a dress with plenty of details, you can’t go wrong with this crochet dress. You will look like a million bucks in such a dress with all these intricate designs! Walk down the streets with confidence and go about your day because your outfit is fire and you look absolutely fabulous!

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14. Striped Off-the-Shoulder High-Low Dress

Get in the mood for boat parties and beachside strolls. This dress with its nautical stripes and its off-the-shoulder detail will have you in the mood for beachy hair and cocktails with little paper umbrellas. Just wait until you capture the salty breeze with this dress because this dress is guaranteed to look fantastic on the water!

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15. Two Piece Dress

You did not work out so hard in the gym for your bikini body to show off those strong abs only at the beach. Show off all the hard work you’ve been putting in with this two-piece dress. This dress showcases your abs and you won’t feel like all your hard work was for naught.

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16. Blue and White Shift Dress

A shift dress is an easy dress to wear during the summer months. There’s not much styling required and casual enough for a simple day in your own backyard. The blue embroidery gives this dress some color and interesting details but doesn’t overwhelm you; it’s the perfect lowkey dress for a lazy summer day where you want to relax but still look somewhat put together.

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17. Pink Leaf Dress

This is the ultimate tropical vacation dress! You cannot look at this dress without thinking of fun-filled days on an exotic island where you are wandering through local shops and exploring the regional cuisines. Pick up this dress quickly because you will want this gorgeous print in your next Instagram post!

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18. Rainbow Stripe Maxi Dress

Can’t decide on a single color? Who says you have to choose? This maxi dress has so many different colors that you will feel like you’re wearing the rainbow on your dress. This is a great dress to get if your skin tone changes drastically over the course of the summer. Certain colors might not work on you anymore but this dress always will!

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19. Pink Ribbed Dress

Are you feeling extra lazy today? Is today essentially pajama day even though you might need to leave the house once or twice to run some quick errands? You need something comfortable and stretchy but doesn’t look like something you just slept in. Then, this is the dress for you! You can lounge around the house or shop around in town in this dress and no one will ever blink an eye!

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20. Floral Embroidered Dress

For your big, formal events this summer, you will want to wear this dress! The embroidery work makes this dress look expensive and fantastic and the mesh fabric will keep you cool and comfortable. This dress will suit any wedding or office party and you might just steal the spotlight every time.

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Which of these summer dresses was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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Joann Kong

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